Birth Announcements/Holiday Cards

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Birth Announcements/Holiday Cards

Is anyone combining the two? Or are you planning to do birth announcements at all, or will you include the baby's info on your Christmas cards? Or are you doing both separately?

(I know some of us will still be pregnant at Christmas)

ETA: And I realize now this sounds so Christmas-centric. I definitely realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas. I genuinely do mean to include anyone who sends out any sort of holiday card at this time of year. Biggrin

I *think* this baby will be here early enough that we will be able to get a Christmas card out which will double as a birth announcement for us.

I am going to keep it super simple. I picked out a couple of photo Christmas cards on the Costco website today. Entered my customized wording with just "Baby" and a fake birthdate and saved it. Then when baby is born, I will stick the proper name, date and weight in there, get a photo uploaded and order them. Costco is 5 minutes from our house and I know they have them printed in less than 24 hours, so I think that is the route we are going to go!

My wording is basically:

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012

And Introducing....

Baby Name Here

With Love from the G Family
(All of our Names)

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I don't do either. I did an announcement with my first baby, but that was before Facebook lol! And as far as Christmas cards go... it's just too much hastle for me.

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I think I am doing separate announcement/Christmas Cards. I will use Costco also, easy and almost mindless. Smile

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Hmm, I hadn't thought of Costco! I was just going to fill out all my Christmas cards ahead of time and stick a photo of the baby in them, lol. But maybe I will go with a photo card instead!

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This is one I love

But I didn't know that Costco even did cards LOL I'm about to go check em out Smile

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we will just do a picture christmas card with the whole family to serve as both.
I used to make our christmas cards but with a toddler and a LO on the way and working who has time for all that.
We typically use snapfish

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We will probably skip the Christmas card this year and send out a happy new year/baby announcement card instead. Dh will design it and one of my printers I work with through work will print it.

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I think I might combine the two. ( I am due the first week of Dec). I MAY put a seperate announcement in the same envelope as the Christamas card. That way, I can have a seperate announce to frame the way I did DD's.

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Will probably just do a Christmas photo card like I normally do and include pics of the new baby and DS, etc. I usually do them at Walmart- I can create it online and upload it and they're done in an hour - really easy!

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The baby's photoshoot is scheduled for Dec. 14, so I will probably do Happy New Year cards and insert photos of us/baby and not really do official announcements, just welcome her in the cards.

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We're combining the 2. I'm ordering from this website, , but not sure which one we'll pick yet. There's quite a few that I like. Figure I'll pick one with 2 photos so I can include one photo of both of the kids, and one of just the new baby, with her info on it. I already pre-ordered the envelopes from this website and have them all addressed...just need to buy stamps!

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We're taking Christmas photos early November hopefully at a place that does a special- 9.99 for a crapload of photos. I'll still be pg but we'll just throw that in the card and sign it from Me, DH, Nicholas and Emily

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"Starryblue702" wrote:

I don't do either. I did an announcement with my first baby, but that was before Facebook lol! And as far as Christmas cards go... it's just too much hastle for me.

We don't do cards either except for those we see a lot and visit at Christmas. We most likely won't do a birth announcement- but maybe a thank you one with baby for gifts or cards we receive and of course a picture for family. Not quite sure when the baby will be coming so it will be something after.

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So, I I am changing my answer! LOL! After thinking about it, we had two announcements for DD. I wanted a "fancy" one to frame and send to close family. Then we had an "everyday" one we sent to everyone else.
So we will get a fancy one that is just an announcement. Then we will send an everyday combination card to everyone.

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I'm combining the 2. I LOVE sending out Christmas cards every year! I usually end up sending about 40-50 to family and friends and I'm really excited about showing off the new baby Smile I found one of Etsy that says "Christmas came early this year" and I'm going to put a picture of Harper with her stats saying Merry Christmas from John, Katie, and Harper. At least that's the plan. It kind of depends on when she's born and how "on the ball" I am about getting her newborn pics taken.