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birth stories

Can we share? I am bored and preoccupied with this baby. Anyone want to share your stories?

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Aww, they consolidated my old board where I had my birth story and I can't find it now!

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Here is what I posted on my Nov 08 board...(Julie - see if your mods consolidated them and stuck them all in one thread in your stickies - that's what we did)

Sunday Morning, Nov 9th, 6:00 am – A big contraction woke me up. I went to the bathroom and had lost more mucous plug and had my bloody show. I showered and got dressed in hopes of going to the hospital soon. My contractions were regular, every 5 minutes, but not very strong. I could talk through them and walk around. They would tend to come and go all day and when I called the dr he said I needed to wait until they were 5 minutes apart for over an hour and strong enough to keep me from walking or talking. That never happened and I was just uncomfortable all day.

Monday Morning, Nov 10th, 2:12 am – Another big contraction woke me up. I was still losing my plug and bleeding so I was hoping the contractions would increase. Sure enough they did and by 3am I was waking Justin up to go to the hospital. We didn’t call our family and tell them because we wanted to make sure it wasn’t false labor. I got to L&D and was sent to triage. They kept me on the monitor for 4-5 hours but eventually sent me home. I was 2cm and contracting but my contractions were irregular. I would have them one after another but they weren’t strong enough to dilate me, and then all of the sudden a huge one would come and keep me from talking or moving. I was told to go home and get some sleep and take a hot bath.

I got home and took two Tylenol PM and tried to sleep. Within 2 hours I was up and in lots of pain. The contractions were 10-20 minutes apart and really bad. I took a hot bath and then got back in bed. Nothing would relieve the pain. I dozed on and off between contractions and decided to take another bath. I called the nurse and asked her to talk to the dr for me. I didn’t want to be in this kind of labor for days on end. I told her I would take a csection if I had to (kidding of course). She said that he told her he would have admitted me and broke my water while I was in L&D this morning but he knew I wanted to go natural so he sent me home. I hung up with them and felt so beat down. The pain would be easier to tolerate in the tub but I hated being in there so I got out and got back in bed. I played some music and tried to sleep through it. I got up again and decided a hot shower would help me relax before trying to go to sleep for the night. Justin had called my mom and asked her to bring over dinner. I wanted to eat before lying down. I was having more contractions on a regular basis but I knew if I went in they wouldn’t let me stay unless I was at least a 4. My mom got here with the food and before I could even open the container I had a huge contraction hit that sent me to my hands and knees on the ground. I had Justin call the dr right away and tell him I had to have some relief. He described to the dr my contractions and how I was on hands and knees on the floor crying and he said it sounded like labor to him. So he wanted me to go to triage, get checked out and he would meet me up there to break my water. So that’s what we did. When I got there I was 3-4 cm so they put me in a room. At this point it had already been 38 hours since the contractions and I was ready for a little mental and physical rest. I asked for the epidural. The guy came in and administered it and waited for it to take effect. It never worked. They would ask “do you feel warmth in your legs? Numbness? anything different?” I was getting so frustrated because I knew it wasn’t working and they kept asking. They even gave me another big shot of pain meds and I couldn’t feel that either. I felt every contraction and they were getting harder, more regular and lasting longer. The dr finally came back and removed my epidural and gave me another one. Almost instantly I felt it kick in and numb me. The nurse put in the catheter and the OB came in and broke my water. This entire time my mom, granny, in laws, brother and nephew were there. Then my other brother and sister in law showed up. Everyone hung out until about 1am. Everyone except my mom and granny left. Justin and I tried to get some sleep but that never happened, I was way too excited to sleep.

Tuesday Morning, Nov 11, Midnight - The nurse came in at midnight and I was 5 cm so she gave me a little dose of pitocin to help regulate my contractions. It was all just a waiting game. She kept checking me and at one point I was 7.5 cm, then 20 minutes later I was a 9. I was so excited that I had progressed that fast. We all just figured I would be pushing any second! Then all of the sudden I felt pressure down there and called the nurse to check me. I was still a 9. I was disappointed but figured it would still be soon so I dealt with the pressure. The pressure increased to the point where I couldn’t stand it, but ever time she checked me I was still at a 9. She would try to stretch me to a 10 but it never worked. At some point I asked my family to stay out of my room the rest of the time until he was born. I was really bothered by the pressure and having people watch you bear through it made it worse. My ob came in to check me and I was still a 9. He said he would let me push a little and see if we could get my cervix to stretch to a 10. Besides the stalling at 9, the baby’s was sunny side up and he wanted to try to flip him over. I pushed for a little while as the dr flipped Deacon over. Every time I stopped pushing my cervix would tighten up again around his head and make me start over. I was getting so discouraged because the pressure was no longer just pressure, it was painful and I felt like I had to push and couldn’t control it. The OB gave me two options 1. Throw in the towel and have a csection or 2. Give it another hour and see if I dilate. I decided to wait it out even though I was crying through every contraction and losing my temper. After 50 minutes I was yelling for the nurse to check me. I told her that if I was still a 9 to take me directly to the operating room because I was passed done! Ugh, still a 9. She called the dr and they set up the OR. They rolled me down the hall and within no time I was getting more drugs and being cut open. I was so loopy from the meds that my eyes couldn’t focus and I had no idea what anyone was saying or what I was saying back to them. I remember feeling the incision and the tugging and then I just heard Deacon crying and crying. They has Justin come over to the warmer and see him and they were all taking pictures and doing footprints and I just laid on the table thinking “I can’t see him, this is not how its supposed to be, I can’t see anything”. And I was so sleepy that I didn’t care to see him right away, I just needed to sleep (hence my eyes being closed in the picture, the picture I don’t remember taking).

Anyhow, Justin took Deacon back to my room and my family got to meet him. The nurses wouldn’t let anyone hold him until I got to the room and held him first, I thought that was awesome. Just told me about it later because I had assumed they had all passed him around by then. I got to breastfeed him right away when I got to the room but I can’t remember what that was like. Justin told me it didn’t work. The nurse opened up my shirt and put my naked little baby on my chest, that was the best moment I had had all day. He just looked up at me and stared.

I think its safe to say that my birth story is the exact opposite of what I had hoped and planned for but it is exactly what I needed. I don’t regret the meds or the csection for one second. I never knew my little boy’s head would be too big to fit through the cervix and I never knew I wouldn’t dilate past 9, so I can honestly say that all these unforeseen events didn’t make me have a bad birth, just an unplanned experience.

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Nope Jenn. :confused: Looks like they consolidated July, Aug and Sept 2008 but only included the August 2008 birth stories in a sticky. My birth story is long gone.... Sad That's kind of sad.

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"sugspop" wrote:

Nope Jenn. :confused: Looks like they consolidated July, Aug and Sept 2008 but only included the August 2008 birth stories in a sticky. My birth story is long gone.... Sad That's kind of sad.

That sucks! I'm sorry Sad

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YAY, my buddy from my old board told me where all the birth stories went. Here it is!
Hi ladies,
I find it hard to get online now that I have my little one. All I want to do is watch him! He's such a sweet little guy. He rarely cries, mostly grunts and wants to eat all the time. I can't believe how many diapers and dirty laundry I go through in a day now!

Delivery was everything I could hope for. I'll keep it short, but I lost my mucuos plug on teh 17th, and then the next morning my water broke... 30 minutes after my prenatal visit that morning, might I mention. And about this trickling stuff... HA! Yea right. Not me. i even soaked my whole car seat on the ride to the hospital.

Contractions started fast and furious at the pital, 1-2 minutes apart and lasting 70 - 90 seconds. It was ok for an hour or two, but then I just couldn't bear the pain anymore and went for the epidural. It did slow things down a bit, but not a lot and I was still progressing well on my own. I was only 1 cm dilated and 90% effaced when I arrived that morning, and by early evening, I was fully dilated and ready to go! They waited a while so that I wouldn't tear or aggravate my horrible hemmoroids, and after 1 hour of pushing, I held my goopy little man. I love him so much, it is amazing. I didn't tear and the delivery was fairly quick and easy. 14 hours but it felt like 6.

He was 6 lbs 13 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. Born on July 18 (2 weeks early!) at 11:20pm. As of Monday, he was up to 7 lbs 6 oz. and 20 1/4 inches long. Growing like a weed! Here are a few pictures. Sorry they are so big, but I can't find the time to resize them.

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I love reading peoples birth stories- mine are boring lol
Basically because I had the planned c-sections it was be at the hospital by 8am, in surgery by noon, 12:30 ish baby out. in recovery. I do remember most of it, the pain meds after made me groggy. With my DD I remember commenting on how much hair she had and that I was surprised she was a girl - I had the feeling she was a boy the whole time- she is a girly girl now thats for sure lol. And my DS We knew he was a boy so no surprise there.

They are really good about showing you your baby as they pull them out- and after they weight and do their test- they gave the baby to my DH and on my chest somewhat and you get to see your baby for a bit. Then they take the baby wash up and bring them immediately to you in recovery. So I remember being able to hold and feed while in the recovery room. With DS, they allowed my dd and my mom to come into recovery to visit so that was nice.

I was really nervous with DS and am also nervous this time. I think its the spinal that freaks me out. I know what to expect but still have some nervousness about the section.

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OK, this is going to be long lol! I just posted this in the November board, so thank God for copy and paste!

Baby #1 (Reagan): I was 39 weeks, 1 day along, when one eveing I couldn't get my kick counts (basically I have to lay down and count 10 movements within one hour... if I don't get them I get up, walk around, and try again for another hour), so in the two hours that I tried I think he moved five times. So off we went to L&D, as per the OB's instructions, to get checked out. They put me in triage to monitor me, I was dialated 2 CM, but I had been for a week. They had me walk up and down the halls for an hour to see if I was really in labor, as I wasn't having any pains and baby wasn't showing any signs of distress, even with the lack of movement. Well sure enough, about 20 minutes into walking, my back starts KILLING me! Of course, I was getting all of the contractions in my back. After the hour had passed (I swear walking had never been so hard in my life lol!) the nurse checked me again and I was dialated 3 CM, so they went ahead and admitted me. This was at around 10PM. Long story short, I had intense and horrifying back labor all night (I had him naturally), they manually broke my water around 6AM, and after about an hour of pushing (not to mention an episiotomy and two internal tears) my beautiful son was born at 8:48 AM October 2, 2002! He was 7 lbs, 8 oz, 20 in. long. Healing time was pretty bad... about 2-3 weeks, as it hurt to even sit down, let alone go potty!!

Baby #2 (Maximus): I had a doctor appt at 39 weeks, 2 days. Upon my cervical check, the OB found that I was dialated 5 CM! I hadn't had any contractions whatsoever! Needless to say, he wanted me to go straight over to L&D, as chancing sending me hope might result in a home/car birth if my water were to break and I couldn't get over to the hospital in time! Well, L&D was totally full, so he told me to go straight over in the AM to be induced. Thankfully nothing happened that evening, and I arrived the next morning to be induced at 7AM. They hooked me up to the fluids/pit/whatnot (lol) but nothing really happened until they broke my water around 11AM. That's when contractions hit big time! I knew right from the start that I wanted an epi because my last L&D had been so excrutiating, but I waited until around 2PM to get it. Once the epi was in place, it was smooth sailing from there! I was fully dialated at 4PM, but I had to stop myself from pushing because the stupid doctor (not mine of course, he was on call because my OB was out of town... and this was a man... AAARRGGGHH!!) left the hospital, so I had to wait for him to come back! He casually stolls in around 4:30, and at 4:39PM on March 10, 2005, my second beautiful son was born! He was 8 lbs, 7 oz, 19 in. long.

Baby #3 (Liberty): My princess definitely caused me the most pain in those last few weeks of pregnancy. By the time my 38 week appt came around, I was pretty much in tears just walking from the parking lot into the office, there was such intense pressure. I begged her to induce me, and she agreed to do so. So at 39 weeks exactly, I checked into L&D, around 7AM. No action at all during the morning, even with the pit (and I was dialated 2 CM upon arrival), so my water was manually broken around noon. That's when the action started for sure! I knew that I would want the epi again, as the birth of my second son had been so enjoyable because I wasn't so focused on the pain. I held out as long as I could again with this baby, and finally got the epi around 1PM. I dialated quickly and by 3:30PM I was ready to push. I had to stall so that the OB could get prepped, and in two pushes my gorgeous baby girl was born at 3:38PM, weighing 7 lbs, 3 oz and 18 in. long.

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I just have to say these stories are so amazing! I can't believe what you went through in that 38 hours Jenn! You are a strong strong woman and I admire your positivity and strength.

And two pushes with miss Liberty, Krystal!? Wow, that is so awesome! And I can't believe you endured the back labor with Raegan and went natural to the end... I gave up after 2 hours of back labor. I hope to make it to the active labor/transition stage this time before an epi is necessary, or even longer!

And Shannon, your story isn't boring, it is beautiful. You had a planned c-section from the get go? It doesn't sound like it could have gone any better...

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I had put Corinna's birth story on the June 09 birth board, but it got erased a while back.

So here goes from memory:

My DR was getting nervous as I passed my due date - Saturday June 27 would be the two week mark. She was out of the office, so I ended up seeing another DR, but I liked her as well. We scheduled an induction for Friday, but it was making me nervous, so I rescheduled it for Saturday morning at 11am. The doctor told me the best way to go into labor naturally is to schedule an induction and she was right.

Wednesday evening we were in the hospital for hours for a non-stress test, which is where they monitor the baby to make sure he/she is fine. They had to redo it because Corinna kept kicking the monitors when the nurses left the room. They tried to bill me double for that, but I got them to remove it from the bill.

I had my first contraction Wednesday evening and that got us excited and made it hard to sleep. Thursday was my last day of work. My husband was anxiously expecting a call, but I only had two contractions all day. It was a good last day.

Thursday evening I had a Dr appointment and she "stripped my membranes" which didn't really feel like anything much, but apparently it helped get things started because I started having contractions that evening. All night long about 10 minutes apart, around 3am I gave up on sleeping and went to sit on the exercise ball.

I have to say I loved having that birthing ball!

I tried the shower at various times, but didn't find it particularly helpful.

Friday was a lovely hot sunny day so I sat outside on my ball having contractions while my husband did yard work. In the evening they were getting closer together and the hospital said we should come in. We had to play some Tetris first just because it was something we'd said we would do in early labor... I was not very good at it, of course...

So we got to the hospital at 5:30pm - only a 15 minute car trip, but contractions in the car SUCK - I had two. I think I was at 5cm when we arrived. They broke my water when I got there. I wanted to wait on the epidural in case it slowed things down. I tried the narcotics when the contractions started getting really painful, but they became less and less effective. For me, moving around and changing positions made things easier. My husband was supporting me in different positions so he was getting quite a work out, too.

Her head was turned a little wrong and so I got stuck for hours at like 9.75 cm dilated. At about 6am I got the epidural (which seemed to take forever to administer and take effect!)and they gave me pitocin to speed up the labor while my husband and I took a nap (and boy that felt good!). At this point, there was a chance I would need a c section, but luckily I was able to continue dilating with the pitocin. At 9am they woke us up and I pushed for half an hour then Corinna was born at 9:30am Saturday June 27th, exactly two weeks late (and before the induction was scheduled).

I plan to get the epidural sooner this time around.

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Eli's birth story:

So things started 10pmish of the 5th. The first contrax that started in my back and around the front. they started to come regularly at 12 minutes apart or so. We were lying in bed watching TV and they were getting uncomfortable. DH fell asleep so i went downstairs to track them and get a few things straightened up. they stayed pretty consistent 8-12 minutes for a couple hours. then down to 5-7 minutes apart. DH woke up to me loading dishes in the dishwasher at 130am. He thought i should try to sleep, i really just think he didnt really think it was it. So I went to bed. I layed there breathing through the contrax for an hour. They did space back out but i HAD to breathe to get thru them. So i got up and woke DH up. 230 am Called the nanny then the OB. We left at 3am for the hospital.

After we arrived, i got checked out. 6cm, 100%, -2, and a bulging bag! I was so excited! Its the fartherest i have ever been when arriving at the hospital with any of the boys. DH got real light headed and pale when she told us my stats. I really dont think he thought it was time. So they admitted me right away.

As they were getting me prepped in my room, IV in and all, they were also tending to DH with OJ and graham crackers. It was too funny!

They hooked me up to the monitor for some HR tracings and stuff then i was supposed to be able to get in the shower walk around use the rocker, birth ball, and everything, but Eli wasnt too happy with me upright. So i had to stay on my side the rest of the labor. the midwife came back in to check me 2 hrs later 530ish and i was an 8! She didnt want to break the water for fear of cord prolapse. I was just fine with that b/c i was still debating if i should get the epi or not. We tried teh rocker to get eli's head to apply to the cervix so she could break the water but again he didnt like it. So back in bed i go. teh contrax had been down to 5 minutes apart before we arrived at the hopital but while i was laying down, they started to space back out a bit(not really sure how far but i was getting tons of rest between them which i think made it easier for me to handle. Around 720 or so we are talking to the midwife about what to do next. She was due to leave at 8 am and the next doc on call my husband and I really didnt like(tends/seems to be very pro c-section and with the u/s and with ethan and jacob being so big i thought he'd be more likely to call it quits too soon). Anyway, She checks me about 730am and decides to break the water I dont think i was ready b/c i was STILL debating with myself if i should get the epi. I could tell he was still high but she did alot of stuff in there(ouch) to make sure the cord didnt slip through. After breaking the bag, she says the cervix is back to 6-7 cm but the head is applied. I had about 2 minutes to keep debating about the darn epi. Then Bam! A contrax hits. Eli's HR drops really low they are trying to get me on my other side. I am cursing oh f*ck, f*ck*f*ck, f*ck from the intensity and trying to roll over thinking when this contrax ends i want the epi!!. The poor nurse... oh my god oh my god oh my god! and f*ck were all i could say. I didnt know what to do things spiraled out of control (IMO at the time) I grabbed my legs and started to push. I didnt feel i had any other option. i can hear the nurse in the background talking about the person coming into the room the check out the baby and i was thinking "I dont give a f*ck. Help me!" DH says i was yelling help me and screaming and grunting and all he could do was sit in the chair (still on the verge of passing out). Poor thing he felt helpless! I felt bad that he was watching me go through this. I keep pushing and I am not sure how many pushes it took but it wasnt many. Maybe 5-6 and the head crowns and pops out. then the wide shoudlers (they felt pretty wide to me) then baby. RELIEF! the whole time from water breaking to baby out was about 5 minutes. DH has documented blackberry messenger with his brother(why was he texting??? ) of the whole thing and it really was about 5 minutes total. I'll have to get the messenger transcript. It was funny to read back.

I just keep thinking now thank god my water didnt break on its own before we got to hospital. I would have died (not really but i felt liike i was) and DH would have passed out or we would have had the baby in the car, etc.

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Sorry this took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get down I actually started it a few days after Ethan arrived.

Ethan's Birth story

It all began 2-17-08 around 1130am or 12noon. Contractions had started with a terrible backache every 5-7 minutes apart. It has been a long few weeks leading up to this so I wasn’t sure it was the real thing. After several days of contractions leading up to this day and not going anywhere, petering out, I was more than ready for this to be the day. So I decided if these contractions continued like this for an hour I was going in to be checked out at least. So they did and we headed to the hospital around 130pm.

The nurse checked me shortly after we arrived. 4 cm and a bulging bag!! Woo hoo! I thought there’s no way they will send me home. The nurse put me on the monitors to check out the contractions and baby’s HB which all looked really good. I walked around for about an hour and came back. I was put back on the monitors and the new nurse forgot about me so I laid there for about an hour even though it was only going to be about 15 minutes of monitoring before walking around again. I thought the contractions had intensified so the doctor on call from the group practice came in and checked me. I was still a 4. She had trouble deciding if we should go home or just stay. I wasn’t going anywhere and insisted I walk around some more. So I did walk another hour, got checked again, and she could stretch the cervix to a five. So I got admitted around 630pm, I think. .

DH was so hungry by this time I told him to go get something to eat. He decided to go home since it was close to Jacob’s bedtime, put Jacob to bed , eat something then return in an hour and a half or so.

I went to the room and the contractions started to space out but still were very strong and I was using breathing techniques to cope. The nurse that forgot about me was trying to put my IV in and blew a vein and blood was everywhere I was thinking “oh great!” this nurse must have been new and she was getting on my last nerve. She kept apologizing for everything, even putting on the stupid monitor belts and every little thing! Luckily the next words out of her mouth were “well my shift is over in a few minutes and sadly I won’t be here for your birth.”
Here’s me inside my brain>>> :hooray

The next nurse was awesome and got my IV in no problem. She had recently had a baby last November and she couldn’t have been any sweeter and she didn’t forget about me.

Any way, the doctor comes back in around 700 or 715pm wanting to break the bag of water and insert internal fetal monitor and pressure cath thing to monitor contractions an Ethans heart rat. I had been so engrossed in what the idiot nurse was doing I hadn’t noticed the baby’s heart rate had decelerations with the contractions.

I was a little reluctant to have her do that while DH was at home but decided its probably best and he’ll be back around 8pm so not much would happen in that amount of time. She proceeded and had a hell of a time breaking the bag. She said it was mushy like a partially deflated balloon. I was 5-6cm. I asked for the epidural right after she broke the water. I knew it wasn’t going to be long and I really didn’t want to experience stronger contractions.

Arie arrives a little after 8 pm. The anesthesiologist shows up shortly after and gets started. The epidural is in by 815pm. The doctor waits in the room with me after the epi is in and watches the baby’s heart rate and contractions. I start to feel really uncomfortable. :shock She checks me not more than 5-10 minutes after the epi is in and I am fully dilated. She notices the baby is face up! So I turn on my side which helps the heart rate to decal less and the baby turns face down after a couple of contractions. The doctor thought it would be best if I didn’t push for a few contractions and let my body do it on its own. Even with the epidural that was really uncomfortable. Its so hard to describe the feeling of the pressure down there. It was painful in a different sort of way. Thank god for that epidural though. I don’t know if the doctor would have been comfortable with the decelerations and me pushing so much. She wanted the baby out fast. So when it was time to push ( about three contractions later) I pushed for one contraction (3 pushes) to get the head out and another for the shoulders. Ethan had the cord wrapped around his neck and body. When the doc put him on my belly, the cord had ripped! She kept yelling “CORD, CORD, CORD!” There was blood everywhere. The cord was clamped at the baby’s belly before it tore, we think. So, Ethan wasn’t in danger. The nurse was pretty quick to clamp the other end.

Ethans Apgars were 8/9. He nursed right away for 30 minutes!

Following video shows the monitors for contractions and baby's heartrate. You can see the time is 8:22 pm. the heartrate decel'ed during the contraction and took almost 3.5 minutes to recover. then decel'ed again. I started to get the shakes from what i thought was the epidural but looking back now i think i was in transistion. Ethan was born just 20 minutes later!

The next video is right after they checked him out and he latched on!

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I can't get the video links to copy right on my phone. I'll try to add them later