Birthing ball

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Birthing ball

Anyone else using one? I kind of wish I had gotten one sooner!! I'm sitting on one now, and it is so nice! It's kinda fun and relaxing to bounce and rock on it and it feels good on my sore hips. Plus I've been having a lot of feet pain in my ribs, now that baby is in a new position I think, and this seems to help keep me from slouching which makes the kicks hurt more. Though I think all this bouncing and rocking has put baby to sleep Wink

I got mine at a sports store for only $20! Definitely worth it if anyone else is finding the couch uncomfortable now Smile

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I like my ball. But I rarely get to sit on it. The boys love it too!

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Hahaha, my kids play with it more than I sit on it, too! They love using it as the rock from Indiana Jones One rolls and the other runs. I love it, for a minute.

I sit on it when I can, but find it doesn't feel that much different to me.

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When I sit on mine for a while I actually get sore down there so I do think it does something.

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I used one of those for a while because it was the only way I could sit after a spinal surgery. They're great! And when a friend and her two toddlers hung out at my house for a day it was pretty much the only "toy" I could offer so we figured out all of its great kid rolling and bouncing uses, too.

I haven't busted it out for the pregnancy because I can't really do much sitting up anyway right now and I figure I won't really be able to move around too much at the hospital with so many monitors. I guess I'm also a little conscious of how much crap we have to bring to the hospital, too, considering we have preemie and newborn clothes for two, stuff for us for four days in case it's a c-section, and a sleeping bag and pillow for my boyfriend.

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I've never used one... I would be afraid I might pop it lol!

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My hospital has them in the rooms so you don't have to lug one around if you want to use it.

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I have one. If I labor at home at all, I will give it a try!

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Our hospital has these, but recommended you bring your own just in case they aren't available. Last pregnancy there was a mini baby boom at the hospital, so it was good we brought it. I LOVED it during contractions and labor.

I should probably bring it out again since I am having a lot of hip pain.

I have never found a ball to help me sit up straight, though. I have quite a talent for slouching.