Blood pressure

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Blood pressure

I started feeling crappy today so I took my BP at home. It was 88/54 the first time and 94/58 the second. Is that okay? Anyone else running that low?

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Mine runs low but not that low. Mine is generally between 100-110 for the top number and 60-mid 70s for the bottom. Definitely mention it to your doctor especially since you're having symptoms from it.

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I will let her know, but they have already discussed that my blacking out could be from my low BP. So she already knows. I am really hoping that this is going to pass soon, maybe it is just an adjustment period for my body?!?!?! I really would love to not feel like this from now until December. Smile

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that's about where I run too. I'm usually around 90 systolic till about lunch time, then I get up around 100 through the afternoon and evening. The highest I have ever seen my b/p was when I was in labor, it got up to 120 systolic lol.

What matters is if you are symptomatic, which you clearly are. I would stay away from caffeine if you drink it. while it can raise your pressure it can make symptoms of dizziness worse. It's extremely important to stay hydrated. You really should be drinking close to a gallon of water daily. pumping your muscles can help with blood flow such as flexing and releasing your calves, butt, and biceps. I do that alot when I'm in surgery and can feel dizziness coming on. It does help me. They also recommended to me to eat something salty and drink 16oz of water with a few ounces of juice. These things help me, maybe they would help you too.

I'm glad you're trying to take it easy, and its REALLY important to talk to your doctor about it. Maybe they'll have more ideas to try. I hope you feel better!

ETA: one other thing I thought of... Don't wear anything too fitted over your belly. The uterus compresses the superior vena cava which can inhibit blood return to the heart. I have found that if my maternity jeans have a tight panel I feel ALOT better to either take them off, or roll the panel down. I also can't wear those stretchy cami's for layering. Any type of compression makes my dizziness worse. I had this spankx type cami that I used to wear all the time instead of a bra. I had to ditch that by 5 months because it was making me faint. I wear stretchy skirts under my belly most of the time. I have a hard time with pants because of the panels!!

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wow, I would freak if mine was that low, but mine always runs 128/80 or so.

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I'm jealous that you girls even know what those numbers mean lol! I have no idea as to mine, I know they take my BP each time I have an appt and they tell me the number (not that I pay attention lol) and say it's normal, so I don't worry about it... I might have to look into this lol...

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That is really low. I would try the things Carolyn suggested, hopefully some of them will help!