Blood test? tmi

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Blood test? tmi

With my last two pregs, I have just done the POAS thing. However, I had a severe migraine (3 days long) and went to the dr on Tues. So that they could aggressively treat the migraine and the frequency of them that is now occurring they did a blood test. From what I thought, our timing was right. Test was neg. (they didn't do the beta, just an hcg) 5 days before af or 9 days after when I thought I might have ovulated.
So, neg blood test on Tues and I thought af was due to visit on Sat.
Wed I had pink spotting on tp, much like I do when preg, but in last two preg, later in the preg (like weeks 6 to 8).
Is there no chance that I am preg still, and that spotting was just a weird, short af (af has not returned to normal after last son born 9-3-09 and we are still bfing). I haven't been temping, just going with the flow, so no clue what is going on, just that it is odd.

fb friends, shhhhh on fb about this.

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Spotting could be either way. No way to really know unless AF shows or you get the BFP on the HPT. I would test again on Saturday if AF hasnt shown up. I hope you get the results you want! Good luck!

ETA: I usually apot a day or two before AF shows up. I havent spotted in pregnancy but women do alot especially aroud the time AF is due.