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I have questions for those of you with formula or breastmilk bottled babies:

1. Are they on 8 oz bottles? When did that happen for your baby? How did you get them to take more than a couple of ounces at a time? How long does it take them to drink how much?

2. How many ounces in a day does your baby get? Is this in addition to solids? How much solids?

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I don't usually give full bottles since I try to breastfeed as much as possible, but I noticed that LO eats way way more when I switched to fast flow nipples from slow flow. My guess is we would still be on the 5 ounce bottles since LO is a snacker.

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Vivi just nurses, but I will answer anyways since this board is so slow. With our son, I pumped exclusively. He never took an 8oz bottle ever. He only ever took 5oz. He was a good eater as far as solids go, too, and I remember I had to pump 40oz a day to keep up with him. He has always been a big milk drinker though, even to this day.

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We have been doing 5oz bottles while I'm at work. That is about how much I can pump each break at work. Plus more than that seems to make him spit up more, but probably because he is not used to it. I have no idea how much he is getting while nursing.

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Elaina rarely gets a bottle so I am not sure how helpful my answer will be. But when I leave milk for her when I go out, I only ever leave her a serving of 4-5 oz. she seems fine with that, and can get solids in addition to it (I think last time I was apart from her for four hours or so).

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When I'm at work Jonah takes anywhere from 3oz to 5oz per feeding. He gets 3 meals a day. My DS never took 8ounces, that seems like a lot for a baby?