Boy or Girl?

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Boy or Girl?

I guess that's the burning question. Does anyone have any hopes about what baby will be? Or do you have any "feelings" about the sex of the baby yet?

I must say that I honestly don't care either way. I have a girl and I feel like I know how to take care of a little girl so another girl would be awesome. However, I would love a little boy as well. Plus we are sorely lacking in the boy department in my family. My dad has 4 girls and my parents have 5 grandkids. 4 are girls. My "feeling" at this point is leaning more towards a boy for some reason. When I was pregnant with my daughter I just knew she was a girl the whole time I was pregnant.

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I was wondering how that works...if I would have a "feeling" and when I might start to sense it. At this point, I don't really have a feeling. I would be happy either way. I know DH would really love a boy (y'know, to carry on the name and all) but he says he will be happy either way too. I did the needle on the end of a string trick and it told me boy (does that even have any accuracy?) However, all the grandkids at this point are boys, so my mom and sister both told me, "for heaven's sake, you need to have a girl!" To be honest, if I had to venture a guess, I'd say boy at this point.

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I am 52% wishing for a girl and 48% wanting a boy. A girl would be nice because this is going to be our last child so one of each is perfect. Although if I had another boy that would be awesome too because then there will be two brothers that can play sports together and have similar interests.

From the logistical standpoint- If I have a girl my good friend at work had a girl in Dec 09 and said I could have all of her girl clothes! If I have a boy I have saved all of Nicholas' clothes but it will be opposite seasons so I will still need more. BUT I have all of the boy toys already.

I know everyone says this but truthfully, I want a healthy baby.

The chinese gender chart says girl for me so we will have to see what is right Smile

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no feeling. Just desires.. Lol I would be lying if i said i didnt want a little girl.

My mom has 7 grandkids and they are ALL boys. No pressure on me. Lol Of course I'd be ecstatic to have another romping boy around the house. I know ALLL about boys. But really hoping for a girl. This is our last pregnancy.

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Haven't had much time, but gut feeling says boy. I guessed right last time--- we'll see how I do this time around.

Chinese gender chart doesn't help much, since I'm right on the cusp between the last smidge of blue and a long block of pink.

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First, that chinese gender chart is BS, so don't go off of that lol! It got two out of my three babies wrong! I am feeling very strongly that this baby is a girl, but I can't tell if it's my body or just me and my insanely strong feelings on wanting another daughter. I felt that my last baby was a girl and I was right. With my first two sons I wanted girls as well, but I always had that gut feeling that they were boys... and they were!! My husband has two sons from a previous marriage, and my first son is from my first marriage, and we have a son and a daughter together. I just think it would be so great for my daughter to have a baby sister to play with and love on, and not have to be "book ended" by FIVE brothers!!

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DH and I both feel boy. We currently have 2 boys and a girl. Either way will be welcome. We just "feel" boy.

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We would love a boy first, then a girl. But we would be happy with either of course!!!

Right now both of us think it's a boy. I really strongly feel like it is, so I hope I'm right otherwise this poor girl is being thought of as a boy an awful lot, haha!! Smile

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No preference, but really thinking it's going to be a girl. I'm usually wrong though!!

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i have no sense of what its going to be yet either. I do feel much sicker than i did with Luke... maybe that means its a girl? I know we will be having a bunch more kids so I'm fine no matter what Biggrin

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Well, with our timing from charting and my extreme desire for a girl I am really thinking it is pink this time. Too scared to really get my hopes up though. Of course i would love another little boy, but you know. We would love 5 kids, or however many God wants to bless us with so I guess I still may have more chances at pink if we got blue this time.