braxton hicks?

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braxton hicks?

i have a question!!

with my first pregnancy i didn't have a single contraction till the day before i went into labor. I've been having sooo many contractions these last 3 days. They aren't generally painful, but they're hard to miss too.

I know stress, activity, and dehydration can cause all of this. But i am no more stressed, active, or dehydrated that i was with #1. I know every pregnancy is different, but are contractions more common after the first pregnancy?

I'm not worried, but i do have an appointment this week and plan to ask about it.

is anyone else feeling these?

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I think you should call, but I think you are fine. With my second I did notice more cramps and contractions. But the midwife or Dr. should be the ultimate call on if they are ok or not.....not us!!!

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I didn't have them this early with dd or ds. I had them a lot with dd but not until after about halfway. I would definitely bring it up, but not worry too much since they aren't painful.

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I started getting them at 17 weeks with Amaya and 14 weeks with Cash. I remember during my amnio with dd at 18 weeks they had to wait because I was having one. I've been told I have an irritable uterus. I haven't ha any yet this pregnancy but I'm sure they're around the corner. It tends to be worse when I have a full bladder or am dehydrated.

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It may just be your body's way of telling you to slow down a little. I know you work full time and then take care of your son. I would definitely tell your dr. at your next visit and if they are painful it wouldn't hurt to give a call.

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I didn't have a BH contraction until about 30 weeks with my daughter. I would definitely bring that up to your doctor at the next visit or maybe call and see what he/she has to say.

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*Lurker from January 2012*

You typically will get braxton hicks earlier with each pregnancy. I didn't have any with DS until rather later -- maybe 30 weeks? But with DD, it was around 20 or even earlier (I can't remember). I do remember asking my midwife about it last time, and she told me that it is very common. They get earlier and stronger with each pregnancy, and are often worse at night. She told me some of her patients who were on baby #4 or more would take baths most nights to help with them. The same is true of afterpains. I had zero with DS....not even one. But I definitely had some tough ones with DD. Not looking forward to that this time around!

So, probably nothing to worry about, but worth mentioning to your Dr. / midwife.

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Thanks Dither! That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for Smile I figure my uterus is "smarter" this time around. Although, I can't argue that slowing down is a GREAT idea.

We have the world's worst bathtub. Otherwise, I'd LOVE to take a bath!

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When I was pregnant with my twins, I had them starting at 12 wks and they lasted the whole time!

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I felt them this early in previous pgs. I havent this time. I don't think it's Nything to worry about but mention it to the dr at your appt.

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I did notice earlier and more frequent BH with my second pregnancy than my first. Also, I think I remember hearing that it is more common to get a lot of braxton hicks if your pregnancies are sort of close-spaced, which yours are--that may explain you getting them so early. Probably nothing to worry about, but worth mentioning to your care provider just to be sure.

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Okay, I am feeling a contracting cramping but if I feel my belly I feel the ball in there. The OB said it is normal...are you still feeling it or did it go away?

She told me to take Tylenol and use a warm compress.

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im still having them. Ive had them daily for a whole week now. they're pretty uncomfortable. I had an appt this week with my midwife and she was not concerned. She felt it could be due to my pregnancies being closely spaced. I got pregnant at 9.5 months post partum. And i'm on my feet all day, and most nights which definitely makes it worse. I just try to drink plenty of fluids and rest when I can.

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I personally never had them with any of my babies... then again maybe I did and just didn't notice (with DS #2 I somehow was dialted to 5 CM and didn't even know it!)... sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Hope they stop for you!