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So the other night I was sitting on the couch with DH watching TV, and I started feeling the weirdest movements from Trystan. As in so strange, not only have I never felt them with him, I never felt them with any of my other babies. I looked down at my stomach, and it was rythmically (sp?) moving up and down... not like when they get the hiccups because it wasn't a tapping as that feels, but he was breathing (or practicing breathing!)!!! I couldn't believe it! I grabbed DH's hand and had him feel as well, and even he was fascinated (which trust me, never happens with baby's movements, as this is his fifth child lol). He did this for about fifteen minutes, just kept up with the breathing movements... it was incredible. How they do these things in liquid blows my mind! Anyone else experience this?

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I haven't felt it but I see it on the ultrasounds all the time now. It's so cool!

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What a trip!!!!

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That is cool! I haven't felt breathing this pregnancy and don' recall feeling it with my daughter either.

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I haven't felt or seen that, but it is truly amazing what happens in the womb and that they breath amniotic fluid and get nourished through an embilical cord that attaches to their belly button. Amazing and strange!

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That's so cool. I don't know if what I'm feeling is breathing but sometimes it feels like he's vibrating.. its a weird sensation but dh can't feel it.

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That's so cool!! I haven't felt anything like that!

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You just made me go "DUH! That's what that is!" I see my belly go up and down like that a lot but never have put together what it was. I know I am not breathing to that pattern and just never stopped to think about it. I'll have to pay more attention next time.

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Thats awesome! All I see is the pulsating of my aorta, but I have that even when I'm not preg Biggrin

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Way cool! He must have his body "out" so you can see that!

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I felt and saw this with Eli but no others. It's pretty cool to see.