BTDT Moms - The Holidays and Babies

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BTDT Moms - The Holidays and Babies

Hi There! Just got my BFP and have an EDD of 12/8. I'm so excited. The timing though I feel is not ideal. We celebrate Christmas and I have a couple concerns.

1. Most immediately, I want to be sure that I'm able to give DD a fun Christmas this year even though she'll have a 3week old sibling. I'm already starting to think about how I will need to have gifts bought/wrapped early, cards done etc so that it's all ready. Since you all just went through this (for those that celebrate). How did it go? Anything you would have done differently? What worked well for you?

2. Next concern (probably will ask moms of older Dec babies) is how to make sure for the new baby that birthday and Christmas are separate and special. Any ideas?


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Congrats on your BFP Smile

My EDD was the day before yours Smile My DD was my first baby so I didnt have other kids to buy for, but had lots of family to think about. I kind of put off all my shopping until it was too late and I was in that miserable stage of pregnancy where you just want to lay around with your feet up, lol. Luckily my DH loves the thrill of last minute shopping and took care of it all for me. If I ever have another December baby I'll probably try not to put off the holiday planning like I did. The good thing about it is that people will be very forgiving if you don't go "all out" for the holidays, because they know you just had a baby.
One thing I will say about having a baby around Thanksgiving/Christmas...I feel like it was a total blur. I was just sort of on auto pilot. Like, I was SO uncomfortable being pregnant at Thanksgiving that it was hard to enjoy it, and then less than 2 weeks later, when the "Christmas season" is in full swing (ie. Christmas parties, decorating, baking, etc...all that fun stuff) I had the baby by then I'm recovering from that and Christmas was 18 days later. I kind of felt like I woke up in January out of the newborn fog and was like "What just happened?" ....if that makes sense.
But on the other hand, having a Christmas baby is really great (best gift EVER) and I wouldnt change a thing Smile


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I agree with Katie that the holidays were a total blur. My baby was 10 days old, I had in-laws visiting, and my own family to visit. I gave myself permission to totally slack on Christmas. However, this is my first baby, so I didn't have another child to think about. I hope you get some replies here. I am really curious about what other people are planning to do for birthdays. Smile

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I agree with Katie and Carrie about the holidays being a blur. My DD was 1 week old on Christmas Day and we had my MIL, FIL, SIL, & BIL all at our house for a week, then my mom for 10 days and then we moved several thousand miles when DD was 6 weeks. Since this is my first the only experience advice I can offer is to do like you are planning and have all the shopping done early. Both so it's done and so you don't have to drag your huge pregnant self out in the crowds after thanksgiving because it is not fun. Also, if you have people over like we did make sure they know they are in charge of shopping, baking, cooking, and cleaning. I told my in-laws they were doing that or Christmas dinner would be frozen lasagna and they took care of everything. On the birthday thing, my friend's bday is dec 23. She says most important thing as a kid was that she still got a party (non-Christmas themed) and separate gifts for her bday and Christmas. HTH and Congrats!

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I have an older child as well, but I didn't find it too difficult. I was due 12/7 but had my LO about a week and a half early. I had all of my shopping and wrapping basically done. What wasn't done I was able to order online. Combining birth announcement w/Christmas card is the best thing ever to save on postage. I was able to preorder my envelopes so I had all of those addressed and stamped before the baby was even born. We put our tree up super early...before Thanksgiving. I didn't put any other decorations up besides the tree, our son was thrilled with the tree so that was enough.

Our son was old enough to enjoy driving around looking at Christmas lights this year, dh took him outside to play in the snow & make snowmen, etc.

I think everything will be fine!! Family will be understanding that you just had a baby, you're allowed to slack off.

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Congrats on your new baby on the way!! I had my son 11/22 of last year (EDD was 12/1) and yes, it was crazy, but I was able to get everything done in time for the holidays (I had him on Tuesday, was released from the hospital on Wednesday, and Thursday was Thanksgiving... and I went home that Wed. and baked cookies, got no sleep that night due to my new LO and was up at 6am prepping the turkey lol!). The only thing I would suggest is make sure that your Christmas shopping is COMPLETELY done by the time baby arrives. That helped out a lot! I also have an older December baby (she's three) and we don't do anything in particular to make sure the occasions are separate... we have her birthday on her birthday and she still gets the same amount of gifts on Christmas as well! Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions... and congrats again!

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Congrats! I had my baby 12/11 but was due 12/3 and having prodromol labour for weeks before that! So, I didn't get anyone gifts. Never got around to it, haha. Then I had a very difficult delivery and was not up and moving about for a good week and a half following her birth. But the new baby was gift enough for everyone in the family. For your DD, get her presents really early. You can shop anytime. Enlist the help of your family and friends to put on a good Christmas so your DD still enjoys herself and you can put your feet up and cuddle the new baby.

As for birthdays, I plan to celebrate them just as I would any other time of the year. She will get her own special day with birthday presents and then a couple weeks later she will get will be a fun and exciting month! When it comes to birthday parties with friends, I will be planning them extra early so people have lots of notice since Dec is so busy. Hopefully that means she can still celebrate with all the friends she wants.

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Had my baby 10 days before Christmas. I had hardly any shopping done because I was not expecting him to arrive until January and thought I would get it done the weekend after his unexpected arrival. So I did a mad shopping rush a few days before Christmas though I think my family did not expect much given the situation. I also had family over at our place so we wouldn't have to travel. Told myself not to worry about the state of our house but ended up wearing myself out cleaning. Luckily, my mom was in charge of all the food buying and prep. All in all, the holidays were largely a blur.

My advice it to get as much done as beforehand as you can, delegate as much as you can, and what doesn't get done - don't sweat it because in the end you are getting/giving the best present - a new baby.

As far as birthday goes, I plan to set aside a day for just his birthday celebration that has nothing to do with Christmas and just give the normal amount of gifts for each event.

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Thanks all for your replies. I know it will all work out.... but it's good to hear it from experts!

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Congrats! I agree, you sort of get a waiver bc you just had/are about to have a baby, lol. We just ordered gift baskets from amazon and had them shipped directly to our out-of-state family. I don't really get into a lot of Chrismtas shopping anyway, though.