BTDT Moms: Siblings Sharing Rooms?

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BTDT Moms: Siblings Sharing Rooms?

When Tater-Tot arrives, he'll be sleeping in our room to start with. Any advice on when to/how to transition a younger child to sharing a room with an older sibling?

Growing up as the oldest of four, I don't remember a time when I didn't share a room with my younger sister, who's two years younger than me. I remember our room was separate from my baby brother's as long as he was in a crib; but then we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment, and the three of us shared a room--- and later, we were joined by my youngest brother. And when we moved again, my sister and I continued sharing a room, and my brothers shared a room of their own. But I don't really remember any specific ages, or things my parents did to help smooth the transition. We all just accepted our sleeping spaces and didn't think much of it. Smile

I'd like them to share a space while they're still young, and save splitting them up for when they're older and can better appreciate having their own space. Smile Any advice?

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I think when kids are little its no big deal to make them share a room. Its just known that "this is the kids room". If they are opposite genders they will probably start asking for their own room as they start to want privacy or when they are about to hit puberty.

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This is something I am so unsure about! Each of our kids have their own room right now. My step-son will be 12 when baby is born so there is no way he would want and infant and him room and honestly I think it would be unfair to him. My daughter will be 5. Again I think it will be hard because at their ages it would be hard to add an infant/toddler to the room. When baby is 8 months old my daughter will start kindergarten and with both kids in school they will need to have a good nights rest which can be hard when you have a toddler in your room. We have contemplated turning our garage into a master suite and moving my step-son into our room, my daughter into my step-sons room, and then the baby would get my daughters old room. I guess we still have a little bit to think about things.

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I'm planning to transition baby out of our room at 6 months, but he/she is going to their own room, so I'm not much help there. I shared a room with my sister, but I couldn't tell ya how that worked...

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We are in the same boat. We have a 3 bedroom house but we have family come so often from out of town that we really need a guestroom, so that leaves only 1 bedroom for kids. If this baby is a girl, I thought about painting Austin's room a neutral color and getting bunkbeds with each kid getting a gender-specific comforter or something. Not sure. I didn't think about Austin starting kindergarten next year though, so that would be kind of tricky like Jessicah said, he will esp. need a good nights sleep. I don't know. The baby will be in our room for a while so we have time to think of something.

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Someone will have to share here. We will put the newborn in my room for a year. After that he or she will probably share with my daughter, since they are only 2 years apart. If this is a girl then that will continue and if it is a boy then when he is 3 or 4 we will put him in with my son.

I know that kids "like" to have their own space, but buying a new house isn't in our plans and I don't believe that there is anything wrong with sharing rooms so they are just going to have to learn to love it. lol

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MAN! We are in the same boat, we have 4 bedrooms, but we also have 3 almost four kids. And my mom is moving in, too! OY! We are planning on making the attached garage two more bedrooms. Space is tight!

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My boys have always shared a room... But this baby boy will have his own room at least for a while. It wouldn't be fair to put one of the other boys in with the baby waking up and crying! And dd has her own room... I might put my younger son with the baby once he turns one and let my oldest have his own room.