Can we do some more updates?

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Can we do some more updates?

Tell us how you are feeling and doing? Dr. appointments? Good things? Bad things?

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Posted to my FB about a little scenario this morning.

"Mommy boo-boo?"
"Yes, Mommy's tummy hurts."
*climbs all over Mommy*
"Mommy needs a little space, okay?"
Awwww. :oP

Had multiple people ask me in concern, "Are you okay? Are you in labor?"

I had to explain that I'd made a poor food choice for breakfast... I had cocoa with my omelet, but was still hungry, so I followed it up with applesauce and apple juice. I think the citric acid/vitamin C in the applesauce/applejuice reacted poorly with the milk in my cocoa; hence the tummyache. I thought it was a cute little vignette, but I realized that you just don't tell people that your tummy hurts when you're this far along, or else they think that you're in labor/pushing yourself too hard/something's wrong. Biggrin Very fortunate to have lots of well-wishers, but I need to be more cautious with my posting in the future! Blum 3

(Everything's coming along smoothly over here, but I'm a late-December-er. Working on bringing up my low iron. Taking my EPO religiously, and doing well with my GentleBirth formula. Running around like crazy trying to get projects tamed and commitments fulfilled before the end of the month. Whew! I swear, when DS2 arrives, it will be quite the shock, despite the nine months' worth of notice he's given me...!)

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I'm doing good. Had Maternity pictures today which was a lot of fun. I have 38 week appt Thursday but don't expect anything out of normal. Didn't even have a 37 week because my midwife said everything was so great at my 36 week. I feel very lucky compared to everyone else, I have a little reflux if I lay down after eating and a sore back and feet after work but overall I'm pretty sure I feel way better than the average 38 week pregnant women. Biggrin

Only bad thing is that our house is a disaster and someone is coming to look at it on Sunday to rent it after we move out and we only had a couple days warning because it was set up by our landlord. Plus, I work tomorrow so its all up to DH to clean. :eek:

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I'm doing ok. Chase is still in the nicu so it's been tough only seeing him once a day. Hoping he gets out soon but looking like another week. It's ironic that my 35 weeker came home with me but my 36 weeker has been in for 10 days:(.

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Aww Rachel :bigarmhug: that must be so hard! I hope he's home soon.

I guess I'm doing pretty well considering I hit my due date in three hours Wink I actually drove myself out for coffee with a friend and her ADORABLE four week old today Biggrin that was really fun. So I figure I'm doing okay if I can still get out of the house, dressed in real clothes and wearing makeup ROFL I've had a couple crampy "contractions" today and BH. No plug or show at all so...who knows when. Come on Elaina!!!!! Time to come out!!!!

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I'm only 36 weeks & so ready to meet her. I know it's still a little early though, but I am losing patience & am done with being pregnant.

On monday I was 1.5 & 75% effaced. My check didn't hurt too bad so I'm taking that to mean she's on the lower side. I will get checked again this monday for progress. If she doesn't come on her own by the 27th or 28th we will most likely induce at that time.

Congratulations to all the new mommies & hang in there to all of us still waiting.

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I'm having good days and bad....but mostly I am doing well. I am finding that I have to eat very small amounts of food all day long. If I eat too much at once, I have serious problems digesting everything and spend a good portion of my day in excrutiating pain. A few times I have eaten a large meal at dinner and then fallen asleep and I wanted to die the next day, so lesson learned. Lots of little snacks.

I have been having my weekly exams, u/s, and NST and everything seems to be going well. The only thing I am a little worried about is that the baby is measuring a little larger than average and she has a big head! LOL...DH and I both have big heads so I guess that's to be expected. I am just planning to wait her out because I really have no desire to be induced if I don't have to.

Today I am headed out to go shopping for some Christmas decorations and groceries. DH was supposed to go with me but got sucked into working today (taking pics of kids on Santa's lap at a YMCA event), so I am hoping that I don't poop out too quickly.

So, I guess we're just working on little projects to keep us busy and playing the waiting game for now.

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Just taking it one day at a time here! My 37 week appt is on Monday. I am not sure if he will check me or not. It's probably pointless since I've not had any real contractions or any changes that would make me think progress is being made.

Heartburn has been insane the past few days. I get so thirsty at night but I cannot drink anything because once I have a drink I can't lay down for awhile because if I do the liquid seems to come back up into my throat and I feel like I am choking. So disgusting! I also can't eat anything even remotely close to bedtime because this only intensifies the heartburn. Last night I watched what I ate before bed and I didn't have any heartburn all night so I will probably keep up with not eating after 7pm. Which I try to go to bed around 9 or 10 so it's not that big a deal. The lack of liquids really gets to me though so I've been keeping chapstick by the bed so at least my lips feels moist.

Sleep has been a pain in the butt. I can't roll over in bed, my back hurts if I stay in one position to long, and the multiple bathroom trips making sleep almost impossible. But I just keep telling myself it won't be much longer and my sleep deprivation will be because I have a sweet baby to take care of.

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39 week appointment coming up Wednesday. I really didn't think I would make it till then, but now I'm not so sure. I think I've hit the 'who cares I will be pregnant forever anyway' stage. At my last appt I was 4cm and nearly 100% effaced. I've been a mucusy mess for weeks. It's so gross.

Today I'm hopefully going for a haircut and highlights. I need to hit Michael's once more for the last of my Christmas decorating. That's about it over here!

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"_Jessicah_" wrote:

Just taking it one day at a time here! My 37 week appt is on Monday. I am not sure if he will check me or not. It's probably pointless since I've not had any real contractions

I dont think that makes or breaks it Jessicah so dont get too down. I have made a little progress & I dont recall any signs.

Carolyn ~ Oh, I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. I am trying to not get excited over progress bc I am scared I will just be induced at 39 weeks anyways. Labor vibes to you!

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I'm 36 weeks and doing ok. I posted about my last dr. appt. My next one is December 12th and I hope they check me then for dialation. I am really thinking this baby is coming after Christmas, which is good. Last day of work is Dec 21st in that case and the time is just flying by because of the holidays. Next weekend DH and I are having a kid-free weekend for my company Christmas party. All of baby preparations are done and we are ready for Emily to arrive.

We just found out that Nicholas got into a different preschool for the new year and are super excited about it. It felt good being able to give our notice to the place he is at now. I just don't think they pay much attention to him and we have been unhappy with the place for about a month now. He just has 2.5 more weeks (part time, 2 days/week) with them and we are DONE. We meet with the new preschool director on Wed and I am looking forward to that.

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"joyjim" wrote:

Tell us how you are feeling and doing? Dr. appointments? Good things? Bad things?

Feeling over cooked Lol compared to yesterday nothings happening. I think my body decided to take the day off.

Next appts on Monday afternoon which include u/s NST and weekly check. Hoping and crossing everything I can cancel those.

Good thing: kids were great for Jesse. He watched them while we went to the hospital.

Bad thing: nothing except a little disappointed the baby is taking their time.

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I'll have another appt. next week to check my BP and see if I need to stay on meds and for how long. I'm tired today! Trying to work on baby sleeping in her co-sleeper more at night, but I'm a terrible night parent and have been bringing her to bed. So last night I was working on it more, and it went well, but it took a while and then DS had a midnight waking thanks to a cough.

Everything is going well though! Lost 17 lbs woohoo, breastfeeding is going great, baby officially has a double chin now, and I can't wait for her to fit into some of these cute 3 month clothes I have. SmileSmile