In case you're interested...

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In case you're interested...

Old Navy is having a big maternity and baby sale:

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Thanks Carrie! I don't know if I'll be spending any more money on clothes for me or baby, but it's nice to know that the option is there!!

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I think I may get a few newborn girl outfits just in case I don't really need any more boy stuff.

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Thanks! I've got a few 0-3 things in my cart that I'm debating buying...3 more long sleeve onesies, two sleep and plays, and three more pants. That would basically complete our shopping list for clothes for the first few months. I haven't had the baby shower yet I'm afraid I'm going overboard by getting all my clothes in advance! Can't pass up a good deal though Wink

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Uh oh. Now I must check this out!! I love Old Navy.

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Thanks! I think I'm going to grab some long sleeved onesies. Smile Everything I have seems to be footed PJs lol