Changes in Movement

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Changes in Movement

I was wondering if the amount of activity you feel from your baby changes from time to time. I was feeling baby kick quite a bit (~5-10 times/day or more) last week and now it seems that for the last 3 days there is not much movement. I feel maybe 2-3 kicks/day and only if I lay on my back for a while and pay close attention. We had our scan on Friday and all looked good, baby's heart was beating away and he/she was sleeping but moving a little here and there. But I can't help but feel a little worried. I liked it way better when I felt lots of movement. Do you go through phases where baby is more active than others?

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My baby's movement definitely changes a lot. Atnthe beginning of this week she was so sleepy and only moved a few times a day. The week before she moved all the time so I was worried. Then yesterday she kicked almost ALL day. It made me feel so much better to feel her moving a lot. The What to Expect book says that at this stage it still varies greatly. But like you, I like it a lot better when baby is more active!!

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Yeah, their positions seem to matter a LOT at this point for me. I felt them swimming a lot more at 14-15 weeks. I'm not at the giant kicks yet. They both have anterior placentas, so that might be playing a role, too.

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Mine doesn't seem to change, but I am more aware of it as I'm not only a month ahead of you but this is my fourth baby, so I know exactly what to look for. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Baby still has plenty of room to move around in there, so I doubt his movement has slowed as much as maybe you just don't feel it every time he does move. Don't worry, I'm sure everything's just fine!

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Thanks Ladies, wouldn't you know it today baby was way more active again - at least I noticed more movement. I know I have an anterior placenta so maybe it depends on the position of baby. It could totally be that on busy days when I am distracted I just don't notice as much.

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Yep, lots of changes. Some days she is really active and other days not so much! I think it has a lot to do with how active I am and what I do during the day.

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He definitely goes through movement spells. It makes me worry but I know he is alright in there.

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I have felt her here and there not not consistently at all. In fact, I feel like I get the doppler out way more often with this pg because her inactivity. I know she is fine but I just like that reassurance. On our U/S she wouldn't move at all unless I rolled over to my side or the tech prodded at her, so I assume she is just a calm, relaxed baby. Praying she stays that way through the newborn phase ROFL

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I would say for me at 19 weeks it was still quite sporadic, and sometimes just a kick, sometimes a roll or flop, that kind of thing. Now at 22 weeks it's much stronger and more regular, but still varies in intesnity/frequency Smile