Check in ladies!!

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Check in ladies!!

Just wanted to make sure our little group didn't fall by the wayside! Our little ones will be turning one within the month... What are you all doing?!

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We're doing a massive party! Smile

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We are keeping it small. We don't have any family around and only a few friends with kids.

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I think we are going to do a drop-in style party for friends on the weekend just after her birthday. We have a lot of people to invite!! Being so close to Christmas though, I don't know how many will show up. On her actual birthday, we will have the family over for cake and ice cream and she can open her presents. I am getting a cake from the grocery store to feed everyone (baby's first birthday cake is free!) and ordering a special smash cake for her to eat/play with. It's like a jumbo cupcake and will be sparkly and multi-coloured with a big E and a 1 Smile

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We're keeping it small with just family and close friends. I'm making cupcakes so that I don't have to spend a lot of time cutting cake or serving guests. I want to be able to enjoy my little girl every minute!

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If I get my act together and send out invites, I plan to have somewhat smallish party with family and one close friend (who we refer to as DS's "aunty"). The hard part is planning it around DS's two naps...would be silly for people to be here celebrating while birthday boy is sleeping, no? Blum 3