check your pre-natal!!

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check your pre-natal!!

so i was shocked yesterday to turn around my prenantal container and see it contains NO IRON!! how can a vitamin be labeled a "prenatal" and not have iron??? im taking the gummy ones from target. they are sold as prenatal. ugh. i guess i will be popping a horse pill a few times a week to be sure im getting enough iron.

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I have to take iron pills every morning with the prenatal.. it sure makes for an upset tummy. But it's worth it. but you have to take the slow release ones while your pg my regular doc. said..

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Some don't have iron because it can make a lot of women constipated (like me!)...

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I agree there are all different types of Vitamins, different people have different needs and restrictions.

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Hmmm! I know mine has iron. Lol I'm trying out different Rx Prenatals to find one that wokrs for me. Watch the one I end up liking the most will be the most expensive. Lol

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I have found Woman's one a day prenatal keeps me feeling the less nauseous. I am anemic and have tried to eat more iron in my diet but when you feel nauseous after eating meat is one of the last things you want to eat. I have been eating fortified cereal, like Total, and drinking OJ to increase the absorption of the iron.