chinese gender chart?

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chinese gender chart?

Hopefully some of you rememeber me or at least don't mind me posting a question out of the blue! Smile I can barely even lurk due to some crazy stuff going on with selling our house and moving. I'm hoping things will settle down here in the next month or so.

Anyway, we had our gender u/s last week and are waiting to find out the results. We're going to do a little gender reveal party with our families next weekend. I did not find out the gender with my other two kids and had no problem waiting till delivery to find out, despite having ten million ultrasounds for GD. For some reason it is so much harder waiting this time around, I guess because I know that little envelope is in my purse and I could open it at any time! Lol So out of curiousity I googled the chinese gender chart and it says boy. I figured it was just a hokey thing, but checked for my other kids and it was correct, and my SIL said it was correct for her daughter as well.

So if anybody is bored and feels like humoring me while I go nuts wondering about it, :D, I'm just curious how many of you it was correct/incorrect for!

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The chinese gender chart was wrong for me! The cabbage/urine test was right. Smile

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It's been right for me w/ all 3 pregnancies....coincidence? Maybe.

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we are team green, but baking soda pee test, chinese gender, and my intuition all say boy...I actually think I'll be surprised if it is a girl...

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OK, now THAT is strong willpower!! I am team green and happy to be, but even I would probably cave if I knew the answer was right in my purse! Anyway, kudos to you.

For the record, the chinese gender chart was wrong with both my kids. I got the opposite each time. This time it says boy, and my intuition is strongly saying girl, so we'll see if the pattern repeats itself!

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Wrong for me but the baking soda was right.

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The Chinese gender chart was right for my ds and my dd. It said girl this time and I was totally confused because all of my intuition said this one was a boy lol.

It was wrong this time though, because I am having a boy.

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It was right for me and both of my sisters kids. Smile

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It was wrong for me...unless the little one surprises us at birth!! I did do the baking soda pee test and that said girl and we are expecting a girl.

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Was wrong for me too. I didn't do the baking soda or cabbage tests so I don't know about those.

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it was right for both my boys!

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The chinese gender chart was right with my first baby and with this baby, but wrong on my second and my third... so I'm assuming it's probably right 50% of the time, which is the same as just guessing for yourself LMAO...

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"Starryblue702" wrote:

... so I'm assuming it's probably right 50% of the time, which is the same as just guessing for yourself LMAO...

Yeah, from the looks of everybody's answers that seems to be the case! LOL. Darn. Guess I will have to keep driving myself crazy wondering. I do kind of have boy vibes. I never heard of the baking soda thing!

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The Chinese calendar was right for me, but the baking soda test and cabbage test both said boy, which was wrong.

For the baking soda test you mix urine with baking soda and if it fizzes it means boy and no fizz means girl.

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Was right for both of my boys as far as I know.

However, for this one, we DTD on March 30 and April 2nd. So if DS2 was a result of babydancing in March, the Chinese gender chart worked; but if DS2 was the result of April's babydance, the Chinese gender chart predicted girl instead. I'm pretty sure this was a March baby, though.

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I don't remember ever checking if the chinese gender chart was right with my other two--it is hard to be sure exactly when they were concieved, but if my calculations are right, it was right for both of them...

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Chinese gender was right for us!

As were about 80% of the old wives tales Biggrin

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