Claire Michelle is here!

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Claire Michelle is here!

Claire Michelle arrived Dec 16th at 6:46pm. 6 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long.

Her birth was all natural, no meds except the antibiotic for GBS and was amazing. She even came right on her original due date I had from BBT charting. As soon as I find time I'll write her full birth story.

She is a great baby and we are excited to finally be home with her. We had to stay 2 &1/2 days because antibiotics were only in for an hour before she was born but she is healthy and "perfect" to quote the pedi.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and compliments. DH has most of the pictures but I do have one from my phone to share.


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What a beautiful baby and way to go going all natural!! Congratulations!!

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She's beautiful! And how punctual Lol congrats again! Way to go all natural!

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Congrats but I have to know - 16 or 6 lbs?! LOL SHe doesn't LOOK like a 16 pound baby and I haven't seen her on the news!

YAY for all natural! Glad it went well

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Congratulations Becca!! And please tell me that "16 lbs" was a typo because I'm hurting just thinking about that lol!

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She is beautiful! Congratulations mommy and WTTW Claire!

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Yea, congratulations!!! She's beautiful and I love her name!

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I love her name...Claire will always be one of my favorites. So happy for you guys!

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What a beautiful baby girl! Love love love the name Claire!

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"kmm123" wrote:

Congrats but I have to know - 16 or 6 lbs?! LOL SHe doesn't LOOK like a 16 pound baby and I haven't seen her on the news!

OOPS! Someday I will learn to proof-read what I type. Yes 6 lbs not 16. No way could I have pushed out 16 lbs. LOL

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Congrats becky! All natural... wow!!

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beautiful! Congrats!!! Glad labor went well for you both!

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Congrats, she's beautiful!! WTTW baby girl!

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Congrats on your natural labor and your beautiful baby girl !