Clingy Behavior

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Clingy Behavior

I am guessing my 4 year old has finally realized that soon there is going to be a baby. For the past few weeks she has been very jealous of my attention. So much so that my DH can't even hug me because she will cry and say "I thought all your hugs were for me Mommy?" Daycare has been a nightmare. Last week she literally cried from the time DH dropped her off until we picked her up. She only goes Thurs and Friday as my Mom has been keeping her on Wed to help us financially (I am off Mon and Tues). Yesterday they said she was in pure hysterics so my Mom went and picked her up. Today, I called to check on her after she'd been there two hours and it was the same story. I could hear her crying for her Mommy and Daddy in the background. So again my Mom went to pick her up. I am so thankful for my family as I don't know what I would do without them. I guess all we can really do for now is just shower her with affection and let her know that she is still very special to me and her Daddy and that no matter what we will always love her just the same. It's still rough to know she is going through this though.

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That sounds so sad Jessicah. I've been wondering when Deacon will start that as well. So far so good but I have a feeling it will hit as soon as the baby gets here.

I hope she starts to feel better before the baby gets here.

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Sorry you are having to go through this but hopefully DD will be used to the idea of her baby brother by the time he is here and you can avoid this behavior when you have a newborn too.

Nicholas is acting out in his pre-school too. The past two weeks he has been a bully with hitting/kicking/biting a little boy. I am at a loss on what to do with him because he doesn't exhibit this behavior at home to the extremes that he is doing at school. I am wondering if it is due to them moving buildings or the baby coming or both.

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Same thing happened when I was pregnant with my ds- dd was in kindergarten . It was rough for awhile- she would cry and not want to go into her class. Things got better after awhile and once baby was here- she was so happy to have a little baby and to be my big helper.

This time ds who is 7 is being clingy- he ends up in my bed every night. sleeps 3-4 hrs and comes in , in the middle of the night. He cries the odd time when he thinks about me being in the hospital for a few days. Then sometimes he's thrilled and asks when is the baby coming I can't wait. And other times he doesn't want the baby. We've been playing a lot of lego at night lol and When I go outside to feed the dog- if dad isn't home he has to follow me everywhere.

After the adjustment period- It usually works out and gets better.

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I'm waiting for my turn with this! Sorry Jessicah! It sounds so stressful. :bighug:

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Awww that's so sad and about your little girl. I would be in tears myself if this were me... what am I saying... it is me anyway! Whenever I leave the house for work I say bye to DD and she's just like, "bye mommy" and that brings me to tears because I don't want to leave!! Anyway, it's nice that your mom is there to help you out and go pick her up when you can't. My mom watches DD while we work during the days and the boys are at school, I'm so thankful for her. But as you said, you're just gonna have to shower her with tons of affection before and after baby gets here. I think that once her little brother is here though, she'll be so excited about that, that you won't have to worry about it!

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Thanks guys! She is still super excited and asks me everyday when Ryan is going to finally be here. So for now she is still glad the baby is coming and has never said otherwise. I guess she just wants some extra love from us and I am more than happy to give it to her. DH and I are both off on Monday so we are going to plan a fun day for her and take her to the movies or something like that.

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The movies sounds fun! My DD loves for us to take her to the park... I swear she would stay all day if we let her! Have fun!

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The park would be nice but it's too cold here. It's only in the 50s.

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That's always so tough. Ethan has been more clingy/whiney lately too. I wish I had a possible solution for you.

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awww, that's tough on a pregnant mamma!!! Sorry to hear!

sounds like you're handling it as best as you can. Good idea about Monday!

We've been lucky with DS so far. Today DH painted over his Veggie Tales mural in his room getting ready for the new nursery. We were surprised he was fine with it. He's actually excited to move rooms.

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Bella has been acting strange too! She has been coming into our bed at night, she has been talking like a baby, and crying hysterical (think 18month old child) when we leave together and she stays home with my mom.

We are giving her plenty of time and attention and also being firm with her is she is being disrespectful. Lots of discipline lately Sad I hate giving her consequences!

I am nervous about the changes so I can only imagine how she feels. My older boys are better at expressing their concerns and thoughts, and seem less stressed.

You are a great momma and she is going to do great!