Clothes and bonus pics!

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Clothes and bonus pics!

Here are some pics of the clothes I have from NB and 0-3 months so far. Also a bonus shot of Nicholas playing in Emily's room this morning and my belly shot at 20.5 weeks.

20.5 weeks:

My handsome little man:

Newborn Clothes:

0-3 month given to me by a friend:

Bedtime wear: The sleep sacks are consignment/leftover from Nick and the gowns are from a friend

My recent haul at a consignment sale:

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so cute!!! you, nicholas, the clothes, AND her room!!!! it's so exciting to see a baby swing isn't it??? Before you know it Emily will be sleeping in it Smile

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Love all the wearable blankets (need more of those) and the little pink sleeper with the duckies on it... cuuuute... Your little man is precious! From what I can tell, the room looks pretty ready. Your belly looks awesome! I have to say though, I'm glad I'm not just 20.5 weeks haha.

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Great pics, it's all so cute! I love the sleep sacks Smile

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Cute stuff - I can't even imagine needing clothes that warm here. LOL

I need to get some of those sleep sacks too.

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Cute stuff!!