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Coming Soon

My blood pressure is rising and there's a new size discrepancy between the babies, giving reason enough to induce this week if I wasn't already 50% and 2 cm. The boy should be good but the girl hasn't grown well over the past month. They're still lined up for a vaginal birth, which would be ideal for the girl's lungs. There's a possibility she'll need assistance breathing. They'll check them again early next week if labor hasn't already started on its own by then.

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Yay for babies coming soon!

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Wahooooooooo! Can't wait to see your babies! Good luck! Hope baby girl is ok!!!

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Can't wait to hear about their arrival!! Biggrin

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Can't wait!! Hope all goes well and baby girl does great!

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I hope they both do great!

I can't wait to see who goes into labor first!!

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Yay that's so exciting! I really hope you get to deliver them vaginally!! Do you have names picked out yet??

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How exciting! So next week???

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Good luck Sheila!! You will be meeting your son and daughter soon!!

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Good luck!!!!

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Oooo, that is so exciting sheila!

They seem to be taking great care of you. So awesome. Good luck to you & your babies. You have done so great!

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Yay!! I think it's pretty normal for a size discrepancy in twins. Guess your little guy likes to hog all the So exciting that the babies are about to start rolling in!!

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Yay for babies coming soon! Good luck...I hope you have a great experience and that little girl shows her big brother a thing or two!!

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Yay! I can't wait to hear about their arrival! Good luck and I hope you are able to go into labor on your own! Come on babies! It's time!

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You've made it so far Sheila! Both of your babies AND you are in my thoughts this week! Are you going off "bedrest" to start contractions?

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Thanks, guys.

We're finalizing names -- the girl's name is pretty much set and we're just discussing the spelling of the boy's name (and maybe still looking a bit).

The size discrepancy isn't a normal difference, unfortunately. The boy has been and remains about two weeks ahead so he'll be big enough and good to go. The girl used to be about a week ahead but hasn't grown much in a month so her overall development (and lung function) could be behind, too. I don't know if she has a placental problem or what.

If they don't come this weekend, I'll see a peri on Tuesday to check the girl's well being and maybe then I'll know an end date if he decides to induce. I've had this coming Wednesday's date stuck in my head for months now ... so maybe then?

Last night I had a little bit of blood and a LOT of pain from the cervix check. Holy crap, why did no one warn me? And also, how did I not just KNOW it would be incredibly painful to have someone jam their fingers up my cervix?? YOUCH!

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I'm surprised they didn't tell you that might spot from the exam.

So are you still on bedrest ? Can you DTD to get things going? Not that it's an easy thing right now.

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Nope, I'm still just lying around. We'll know more next week (if I make it that far, and so far no babies!) about whether the girl is better off inside or out.

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I hope your labor starts so you can get going with this. And I hope their measurements are off in your little girls favor!

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"joyjim" wrote:

And I hope their measurements are off in your little girls favor!

Yes, hopefully! My OB measured three times for some reassurance and kept getting smaller numbers so he gave up. Sad

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Wow, I think of you all the time! Please KUP and I'm sending you lots of ELV already! I think you are about to go!

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