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We're still in the closet regarding Tater-Tot... all of our friends are about 10-20 years ahead of us regarding kids, and family is hundreds of miles away, so it makes the pregnancy go faster for everyone to keep stuff under wraps until it's impossible to deny. Blum 3 Plus it's kind of cool to have my little secret all to myself.

This weekend, I caught up with a bunch of my friends. I had two people go out of their way to tell me I looked great; a third person asked if I'd lost weight; and a fourth person kept staaaaaaaaring at me, then to dh, and then back at me. You could smell the suspicion. Blum 3

Looking in the mirror, I can't see "the glow" myself, but in general, I feel that pregnancy agrees with me. Anyone else have "the glow" going on? Stories to share?

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About a week before I even found out I was pregnant, I was talking to one of my co-workers. A few days later she and another one of my co-workers went to lunch and she told her that she thought I looked pregnant. Don't ask me how she knew, but she was right and I didn't even know it yet!! I have also had some comments about weight loss (but in fairness, I have lost some weight). I don't feel very glowy though, mostly just sick. LOL.

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I feel pretty sick but people have told me I have a glow. I definetly had a glow right before I found out, two people asked if I was pg so I figured I should test Smile

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I've had a few people tell me I am losing so much weight. Which yeah, I've lost 65 lbs in the last 2.5 years, but lately I am gaining it back. I'm up 2-3 lbs in the last week or so.

One day last week I got a lot of compliments on my outfit and its one I wear a lot. That always makes me laugh because I feel like they are seeing something else but not sure how to say it.

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two weeks ago I was told I look tired. Friday I had a friend eyeballing me so hard I told her. It was funny!

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I havent had any compliments yet but i do see something in my face looking thinner(havent lost any weight) or maybe its the flush of heat and blood going through me that makes my face look thinner.

Thats great people are noticing something about you is different. When you do let the cat out, they all be like "so thats whats going on!"

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yea, I can't see it either but some people are really in tune with it. I told my friend and she hadn't told her husband yet. We spent the afternoon together with the kids and after I left he asked her if I was pregnant cuz I had that glow. It's crazy stuff!

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I haven't had any comments, but I know what you mean ... I've said things to other people before, before finding out they were pregnant.

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People are probably thinking I need to lay off the cookies. I'm trying to avoid seeing as many people as possible since we still haven't told anybody but our parents (and 2 of my close friends know).

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I think my coworkers might have suspected smething, although I did get a comment that I was losing weight...doubt that! Now if you know me, I look pregnant. If don't, you would probably guess I was pregnant but not be sure enough to say something about it (although is it ever safe to assume it? Haha!). This week I definitely feel like I have a glow. A few weeks ago I was just sick and tired...and got comments on that, too! Smile

Women in my family always show early....and we make big babies. 9lbs is normal for us. My uncle was 10 lbs!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: