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    Default Contraction question

    So like I said I am having a lot of them. My question is...every time I move or if I am up right for any period of time I have contractions, they are regular until I lay down. Sooo is it better if I keep on my feet and moving around, or should I be trying to rest more? I have three other kids, so I can only rest on the weekends when my husband can help, but I have never had them like this before.

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    I don't really know. My contrax are like that too mostly activity gets them going. I'm just trying to go about my regular business and if they get worse in pain or frequency then I'll consider paying closer attention/timing them.

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    Rest is always good! I think uteruses get more irritable with each pregnancy... Or at least it seems that way! If they go away with rest you know its not real labor. I would rest up if you can. Your body has a big job coming up!
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