Cramps and contractions

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Cramps and contractions

Does anyone else have contractions that seem to last for a long time? Sometimes it feels like I am having a contraction for hours at a time. At the same time it feels like I have cramps. I have been checked twice and they said all is fine. What is it? Why do I feel like I am contracting so long????

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My contractions usually last 45-60 seconds.

Maybe baby is pushing out or in an awkward position causing you belly to feel tight like a contraction? I don't know.

I do know my BH are getting more painful.

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Yeah, I have brought this up to my OBs before. I have never once felt a contraction that lasts for some number of seconds. Each tends to last for hours. When I was monitored at the hospital they were able to see that there were shorter contractions repeating on and on for hours -- I just couldn't feel the in-between time as my belly just stayed completely hard.

ETA: These were definitely contractions. The ones I feel during monitoring feel just like the ones at home. Also, the early "real" contractions felt exactly the same as BH.

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Maybe you're not feeling contractions... it could be that the baby is just causing extreme pressure down there, like with me. I've never had false contractions, BH contractions, or anything before the actual onset of labor. If I overdue it, or am on my feet for a long time, I'll start having serious pains down there, but they're not contractions, and they last until I sit down. Mine tend to get worse with each pregnancy, and happen earlier than the last baby. You can certainly tell the difference between these pains and contractions, as contractions come and go, and this is a constant pain until you settle down.

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"Starryblue702" wrote:

Maybe you're not feeling contractions... it could be that the baby is just causing extreme pressure down there.

I was thinking something along this line too!! All through my first pregnancy I *thought* I was having contractions. And truly, you have no way of knowing until you have felt the real thing... and then you NEVER forget Blum 3 I had alot of days with both pregnancies where I was crampy and had abdominal pain all day. I called those contractions just because I didn't know better.

Now I'm having real BH's and they are defintiley getting more painful. If you have to wonder "was that a contraction???" it probably wasn't.

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Yes, as the day goes on, my belly tends to get tighter and doesn't "hurt" per se, it is just uncomfortable. I'm not sure if these are "contractions" but it just stays tight and hard all evening long sometimes, and it may be due to how much I eat, gas, baby's position, etc. It is mostly when I am up and moving around-- if I sit or lay down, it def. gets less tight and hard. I had this toward the end with my first pregnancy as well, and it was not causing any progress...I was still only dilated to a 1.5 when I went to the hospital after my water broke, so I'm thinking/hoping it is not causing anything to happen down there this time.