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My first major craving was for anything salty. At that point I was aiming for the healthy diet, but I'd add salt to everything and could scarf down pretzels like nobody's business. One evening I gave in and bought Top Ramen -- something I would never normally eat.

Maybe at about 7 weeks I transitioned to carb cravings. I have been living off of bagels and feel so good right now after having eaten an entire plate of pad thai (while shoving the vegetables around).

Have you had the same cravings? What's up next?

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Yes to carbs and salt!! I pretty much only eat carbs, it's so bad. Carbs and fruit! That is mostly because I'm not able to stomach vegetables, and I don't want meat on it's own either. If it's ground beef in a sauce or something that is fine, but just a steak or chicken breast is totally unappetizing.

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I was really craving carbs a week or so ago, which is tough for me because I don't eat grains. I indulged with some rice and some gluten-free pasta, but now I am to the point where everything just makes me nauseous, so I decided I am going to do my best to stay grain free because nothing I eat seems to make me less nauseous or satisfy my cravings anyway. It's just a matter of forcing myself to eat at this point, because I have almost zero appetite. Blah!

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Not any cravings here. Most things sound nasty to me but if I eat a bite or two they end up tasting ok. Cooking dinner is hard at night...just thinking about what I am cooking makes me want to puke.

I'm pretty much eating "normal"...trying to get my protein, veggies, and fruit. I am also trying to eat fish 2x week to get some omega 3's for baby's brain.

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It's sweets all the way for me! It was salty things with my first two pregnancies (both boys) but with my daughter and this baby it's all about what sweets I can get my hands on! I'm trying to be really good, and just eat a granola bar or some yogurt when the craving start, but at this point I would kill for some cold stone ice cream! I'm hoping that this means baby is a girl!!

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It's been the same this time as with my last 2 pregnancies...lots and lots of vinegary, salty, spicy, sour foods. Like buffalo wings, sour pickles, hot sauce, etc. Although this time I've also had an almost incessant craving for italian food like lasagna and spaghetti - I think it's the tomato sauce that I'm wanting. I have a total aversion to sweets and soda, too.
Mine always goes away after the first tri and I go back to my sweet-eatin' ways. Lol

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Amazing moment of the day: At the grocery store they were handing out scoops of strawberry ice cream. At first I said, "No thanks" and immediately turned back around, "Who am I kidding?! Pregnant woman saying no to ice cream!?" So this week's list of foods I can eat without barfing is a little bit longer. You're very welcome to judge me, but the current list is ... chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, strawberry ice cream, butterscotch hard candies, and salt and vinegar Pringles. I keep attempting other foods but everything else is a no-go. I hope I'm still soaking up some nutrients from my kale salad last Wednesday!

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I'm still in the "everything sounds gross and makes me gag stage" but once I figure out something tolerable I eat it. Then I just feel sick afterward.

This weekend I did want some Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream - but they didn't have any at the store. And yesterday I really wanted Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup with a grilled cheese - that was really good.

I need to stick to bland foods I think.

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oohh chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sounds good!!!

i ate a blueberry pancake this morning. it took over an hour. kept going back for another nibble. the last few days have been really hard.

salty stuff really seems to stop the nausea. im drinking alot of broth. tonight we are having burritoes. the thought of making them sounds horrible... but i know once they are prepared it will look good and i can eat it. preparing food is much more difficult than eating it. i cant even think about food, but once certain things are in front of me, i do seem to be able to take some bites

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Gotta have tomatoes or anything made of tomatoes. Yesterday i ate fish sticks for lunch with tons of ketchup. I love burgers with ketchup. Love spaghetti with tomato sauce. chips and salsa. I bought a bag of baked kettle chips (sea salt and vinegar). SOOO yummy. I felt really bad eating the whole bag(it was small but still the whole thing).

I wnat sugar but whenever i eat it, i feel sick for like an hour. kinda scares me. I hope i dont fail the glucose test in the third trimester. :eek:

Soda isnt so appealing anymore either. I still have one a day but thats WAY down from what i was having prebaby. I know soda is horrible but i like it.

I do love drinking watered down lemonade. It helps me get the recommend intake of water everyday.

Comfort foods feel good. We had homemade mac and cheese a few times over the last 2 weeks(by request of the kids but we all eat it and its really yummy).

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Oh, I'm liking tomatoes right now too, but really, all i want to do is EAT all the time! It is out of control. And for the most part, I want SPICY food all the time. It is really strange, as I never had cravings with my first. I had a dream last night that I went to my doc appt. next week and had gained 10 pounds in a month! YIKES! I am trying to be more consistent with my workouts, as I was too tired for a while to do much of anything...

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oh my goodness this thread is making me so hungry!

Soup and grilled cheese sounds amazing, along with mac and cheese.

I was craving japanese so we got take out last Fri but then halfway through it started to gross me out and I didn't want any more Sad The same thing happened with my taco bowls yesterday. I made them (tortilla bowl, lettuce, tomato, salsa mixed with black beans, corn, chicken...little bit of sour cream) and they tasted so yummy the first half but then I just got nauseous and it was making me gag.

I made a pasta salad with noodles, italian dressing *hello salt!! :)*, tomatoes, and cheese and hoping to get DH to cook hot dogs tonight. I have the nitrate free ones for myself. Hopefully I can eat that all tonight. We will see.