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So for the first time this pregnancy I've had my first real craving. All I can think about is ice. Do you know how weird it is that my mouth will start to water over the thought of an ice cube!?!? I've heard that craving ice can indicate being anemic so maybe I need to have my doctor check that. But man oh man these thoughts of ice are killing me!!

Anybody else still having cravings or just now getting them?

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We had our first sit-com pregnancy moment last night when I asked my boyfriend to go out and buy ice cream! Smile

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Mostly Fuji apples, or Honey crisp apples with peanut butter. I could eat them all day. I have spent a fortune on apples this pregnancy and when I run out it is a huge issue.

For the last three days I really want Doritos with peanut butter.

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I have had pretty much the same cravings through the entire pregnancy... green chile, tomatoes etc., but now I really like ice cream too!

We had a sitcom pregnancy moment when my DH went to walgreens at 9:30 at night to buy me cheetos one night... yup.

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Joy, I love apples and PB!! Yummy. But I prefer the Granny Smith. I love their tartness.

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I threw a mini tantrum last night when DH came home with the ice cream I asked for...I wanted a Wendy's frosty with Oreos blended in (like a McFlurry) but they apparently don't do that anymore! So they gave him ice cream with Oreos and chocolate sauce on top, sooooo not the same thing!!!! lol :mad:

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LMAO that's one I haven't heard before! I'm not having any cravings per se... just eating way too much and not good for you foods... they're all bad lol!

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No cravings....well, not food. My cravings are usually random things or places I want to go or do. Right now my cravings include love/sex from Ed & being a complete bit**.

Oh, I didn't eat avocados (guacamole yes/avocados no) before this pregnancy, but now I'm trying to eat them when I can for the omega 3s. Smile brain food.

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yes, watch that ice craving, it is one of the signs of low iron!

I crave something new every day! right now I want some popcorn....mmmm

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I don't crave any one thing specifically, but when I get my mind fixated on something that I want, I have to have it sooner or later.

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I've had the ice craving going on for about a month. Tuesday I did get a call from the nurse at my OB's office that my iron was low when they did my CBC last week and I need an iron supplement. So yeah, I would definitely check that out with your doc!

Isn't it so weird to be craving ice?! I cannot stop thinking about it. I get glass after glass full of mini ice cubes and the second one melts in my mouth I have to get another one. It's kind of sick how obsessed I am, really. I refill the ice cube trays like four times a day and eat it all day long!