dating u/s with pic :)

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dating u/s with pic :)

baby bean is due december 12!!! coincides almost perfectly with the date i think we conceived. our conception date puts us at dec 13, but hey its close enough Smile

AND the heart rate was 176.... I SO THINK ITS A GIRL!!! luke was always between 140-160. i know its mostly wives' tale anecdotal sayings that fast heart rates are girls... but, im still sure its a girl Smile

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Awww!! So sweet. At our first ultrasound our baby was 137. The next baby was 160.

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What a great picture! And I think a fast heart rate like that means it's a girl, too Wink

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Great u/s pic!

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Awww, so awesome! They don't do dating U/S here, which kind of bums me out. The only way I can get an U/S before week 18-20 is to do the genetics testing thing... so I'm opting for that just to get the U/S.

That sure is one fast heartbeat! So awesome!

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What a great u/s pic!

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What a cute looking baby you have in there! I'm glad your dates match up Smile

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Carolyn my friend you make beautiful babies!!! Congrats on such a great u/s. I'll be keeping my eye on you!!! Luv ya!!

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Aww yay!!! Congrats on getting to see "her" Smile I agree with the heartbeat thing. Even my OB said that last time around, she knew braiden would be a boy.

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Awesome pic!

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Congrats on a great ultrasound!

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How cute!! Ihope high HR means Pink!! My baby's was 175-178

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Yes, the heart rate thing is definitely an old wives tale, but I hope you get a girl either way! We're hoping for a girl this time, too! When we had our U/S baby's HR was 166, and I asked the tech and she said around 7-10 weeks baby's HR is very high then comes back down slightly, so you can't tell either way with the gender! Good luck!

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What a great pic! Smile

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Hi Baby!!!!

What a cutie you got growing there, Carolyn! Smile