Definitely going to have a December baby!

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Definitely going to have a December baby!

I had my 34 week dr. appt today. It went great. The dr. I saw I didn't really like last time I was pg with Nicholas but she is starting to grow on me this time around. She told me my sugar numbers are good, I don't need to keep going to the endocrinologist- they can manage them at the office when I come in. Fundal height is measuring 33 weeks but no worries there. I lost a pound so I am up a grand total of 1 lb this pregnancy still (I can't believe this).

I asked about early inductions for GD patients because of what I read and she said there would be no reason to induce before 39 weeks unless I started showing other complications. Apparently GD babies take a little longer for their lungs to develop so they want to make sure Emily is good and ready to come out. She did tell me they don't want me going past my due date so there is a tentative induction set for right after Christmas, exactly what I wanted Smile

I am scheduled for my absolute favorite dr. next appt for my 36 week exam/GBS on December 1st. I can't believe that the time is almost here!

Oh and I wanted to add- My work threw me a surprise baby shower on Wednesday! Our usual "lunch crowd" had made plans to go to the Japanese restaurant and it turns out they were in on it and there were about 15 people waiting there for me when we got there. I had no idea they kept it hidden well. I got lots of cute outfits and a few duplicates of some stuff I already had which is ok because almost everyone included gift receipts. One of my co-workers does baking on the side and made some delicious pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I didn't test my sugar after eating one of them and enjoyed every single bite!

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How nice of your co-workers Smile Mine are throwing me a shower on December 1st. It was supposed to be a surprise but a few of the guys kinda let the cat outta the I didn't know that GD babies needed extra time for their lungs to mature. With my daughter they induced me 10 days before my due date. Sounds like Emily is growing perfectly and I am glad you enjoyed your pumpkin cupcake. It sounds yummy!!

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Sounds like a great appt!!

how nice of your co-workers Smile

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**Lurker** This pregnancy has flown by! I can't believe that it's almost time and you know Christmas will be here before you know it!!!!

How nice of your co-workers to do that!! Sounds like a great time!!!! Where are the pictures of all your loot!!! Smile

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Aww, that was really nice of them!

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nice job with managing your GD!

How sweet of your co-workers!

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Great job with your sugars and with your weight!!!

I had DS#4 on Dec 28 and it was so perfect. I got to enjoy Christmas with my boys and then got another great gift a few days later having him. So exciting to 'know' a date!

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That's all so wonderful Angela. Things are looking great for you & Emily Smile Congratulations on the weight gain & sugars..... You are rockin' this pregnancy!!

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So glad everything is looking great for you and Emily Smile and how sweet of your coworkers! That's awesome Smile

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I love to hear how well your pregnancy is going! You are doing awesome! And how sweet of your coworkers!

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Congrats on the great appt and the surprise baby shower... all of the food sounds yummy!!