DH is so cute...lol!

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DH is so cute...lol!

So we were at Babies R Us yesterday working on our registry, and they gave us a big gift bag when we left. Back in the car, I was sorting through the gifts and held up one of the newborn diapers to show DH. He grabbed it, stared at it, then turned to me and looked like this :eek: and said "it's going to be THAT small? What?? What a little bum!!!!!"

haha!! Smile it was so cute. He has held newborns plenty of times before, but I think mostly he's been imagining his life as a father starting at age 5 when he can go play catch with them at the park Wink

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Ahhhh, that is cute!

It's so true though, even for us BTDT moms, it's amazing to think of how small they start out. I remember buying newborn diapers when we were expecting our 2nd baby and holding them up to DH and going :eek: LOOK at how tiny these are!! Even having been through the baby thing once or twice already, it's like you forget what newborns are really like! I can't even imagine that my own kids were like that once!

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How funny! Crazy to think that our butts once fit into little diapers like that! Have you seen preemie clothes? They look like little doll baby clothes! Smile

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I did!! I saw some preemie onesies and I just couldn't even imagine a real person would fit in them!

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That is too cute!! It's been so long since I held an infant I think I've forgotten how small they really are.

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Funny! even my DH picked up one of the outfits and held it like he would a baby and said "are you ready for something this small again?!" You forget. It goes fast. They outgrow those newborn dipes and clothes in like a week, but it is still fun to think about it.

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