do you plan on using any labor home remedies?

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do you plan on using any labor home remedies?

I started thinking about this today as a lot of us are getting closer and closer!

I used evening primrose oil last time with Luke. It is a natural source of prostaglandins that help "ripen" the cervix. It's supposed to aid in dilatation and softening of the cervix when labor begins. You can start taking it orally at 34 weeks (I never did that, bleck!) At 36 weeks you can insert it vaginally at night before you go to bed. The capsule will dissolve and release the oil around your cervix. You will want to wear a panty liner Wink It will not cause labor, it just supposed to make your cervix more agreeable so to speak when labor begins. I was fully dilated after 9 hours of labor. I don't know whether it helped or not, but it can't hurt!

just be sure to mention it to your doc/midwife first!

anyone else plan on doing/taking/drinking anything?

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Nope, not me. Since I am a schedule c-section, I want her to come when we have her scheduled to come @ 39 weeks. Wink I am even trying to stay away from spicy foods and nipple stimulation, all that stuff, b/c I am sooooo not wanting her to come early. Ha!

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"I'm_a_pepper" wrote:

I am even trying to stay away from spicy foods and nipple stimulationHa!

.... i have heard of women hooking themselves up to their breast pump to try and get things going hahaha

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That sounds cool. I never even heard of it! Where do you buy it?

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you can get it at Walmart. It comes in a gel cap.

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I'd love to go into labor early so as soon as I hit 37 weeks I will be at DH's Christmas party. I plan to walk as much as possible while there, eat spicy food and then hit the hotel room and work on the other natural home remedies. Wink If I go into labor on my own I have a much higher chance of having a VBAC, yay!

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I did EPO and red raspberry leaf tea for the last two pregnancies. Both labors were about the same as far as time goes.

I'll probably just drink the tea starting pretty soon. I did try nipple stimulation via pump when I was pregnant with Jacob but it really hurt so I didn't try again. I didn't get contrx but it hurt my nips!

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"Carolyn85" wrote:

.... i have heard of women hooking themselves up to their breast pump to try and get things going hahaha

Yikes! No thanks. I actually had to stop reading a La Leche book weeks ago because it gave me contractions big time.

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I did the Evening Primrose Oil and a formula called Gentle Birth last time. I don't know if they helped, but it took under 10 hrs, start to finish, and the post-delivery period went smoothly, easily, and back-to-normal very quickly.

Will probably take both of those again this time around, though I really mostly need to work on just getting into my headspace. Funny how you don't have much time for getting your mental game on when you've got a toddler running around! Blum 3

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I have a feeling I'll start getting desperate to meet this baby (who am I kidding, I already am) and so yeah, I probably will eventually start trying a few things! I want to have the nursery 100% complete, car seat installed, and freezer full of meals first though Wink

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No, I have never used anything and don't plan on it with this one either. I never have any problems dialating. With my first, I dialated to 2cm at 38 weeks, and by the next week I was having him. With baby #2, I actually dialated to 5cm at my 39 week check up without feeling anything and no contractions! With DD it was the same with my first, dialated to 2cm by 38 weeks and stayed that way until I was induced. I'm still not sure what's gonna go on with this LO's delivery, as he's measuring quite large and I've been feeling a lot of "goings on" down there. My OB will do the first cervical check at my next appt (Tuesday the 8th) so I'm really actually looking forward to that lol! I hope I'm dialated a little already... he needs to come out I'm hurting bad!

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I mentioned the EPO to my ob & she was completely against me using it vaginally. She said it was okay to use it for perineal massage though.

I was planning on using it, but she shot me down. =/