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Thanks for the support, ladies. I am slightly less of a mess today after settling on some terrifying decisions regarding my dog's end-of-life care. I adopted Patch, my first dog, when I was 23. I had no intention of having babies anytime soon, but considering he'd live into my early 30's, I had the forethought to choose a breed and a specific dog known for his gentle disposition with children. I always assumed Patch would be here for my kids and coming to terms with a new reality and dealing with what feels like selfishness on my part is difficult. His perfect temperament has meant that he gets along famously with everyone and was able to come to work with me at school. It's a crazy and unique concept, but there has been nothing more fun for us than working together all day with middle schoolers.


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I had a WONDERFUL, calm, sweet rottweiler who also had cancer. After 3 unsuccessful surgeries, we decided he had suffered enough. He passed when my DS was only 2 months old. We too hoped he would be around for our children. It has been 3 years and we still miss him dearly. Sending you big hugs!

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Sending you hugs. My sister is currently dealing with this and it breaks my heart. I love her dog so much. I know what you decide to do is the best. I love the picture you posted. Sweet puppy :openarms:

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I am so sorry about your dog and I am heartbroken for you. Just letting you know that I am thinking about you. I love the pic you posted.

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Poor doggie Sad Our pets are just like our children and it's so hard when one gets sick and you are faced with such a difficult decision. I was attacked by a German Shepherd when I was 4 and it almost killed me. Afterwards I was terrified of dogs. My parents bought a Collie puppy to help me get over my fear. Katie was my best friend after that and I loved her dearly. We had to put her to sleep when I was 14 years old and I was devastated. **HUGS** to you and your sweet doggie.

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Lots of hugs to you and your doggie. And that picture is just absolutely adorable!

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I love the picture - you can see the bond you guys share. I'm so sad for you - I'm sorry you have to go through this.

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I am so sorry to hear. I lost my cat of 12 years when I was 14 weeks with Eli. I still miss him very much. He was the best cat so caring and he adored the kids I wish he was still here to know Eli and the next baby.

Losing a family pet is so much harder than I expected it to ever be. ***hugs***

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Hugs coming your way!