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I couldn't avoid induction forever and apparently all my new exercise is doing nothing. The timing is right, the membranes are stripped, the pitocin is ready to rock tomorrow morning. I'm done! I was going to share one last photo but that crap is horrifying and I just can't do it. It's like last week but bigger and with about a million times more stretch marks. My stomach is ruined.

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So, you're going to have these babies tomorrow??!! That is so exciting! Sending you all the best for an easy labor. Can't wait to see pics Smile

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Wow Shelia! Your time has finally come. Good for you. You sound so frustrated, I am happy your relief is right around the corner. Wouldn't that be crazy if you went into labor naturally tonight?

Sorry about the stretch marks. I think most of us have the same freakin' battle wounds. Don't feel like you are alone.

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Good luck tomorrow! I hope it all goes as planned and you have an easy vaginal birth!

The big angry stretch marks will fade and tomorrow your monkeys will be here! You have a birth buddy right to update us?

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Finally!! Yahoo I'm so happy for you. Good luck, we will be thinking of you!!!!!

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GOOD LUCK Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to do great. Don't worry about the stretch marks, they will fade with time.

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:lurk: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CAN'T WAIT! So stoked for you. I'll be watching constantly to see when these kiddos are born!!!

I don't know how you've done it. I'm only (almost) 24 weeks and I'm miserable. You're my hero!

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Good luck tomorrow! Very exciting- can't wait to hear about and see some pics of those babies!

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I am so glad to hear this Sheila!! I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. Sending you lots of ELV's and I cannot wait to hear all about those babies!

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Good luck tomorrow! Smile

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Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about these babies!! Once you hold them in your arms it will all have been worth it. Even your ruined stomach. Wink

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Yay - sending you a billion ELV!!! Can't wait to see some pics!

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I am so happy and relieved for you! KUP! Make sure we know quick, I will be checking the boards all day like and addict Wink

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Good Luck today Sheila!

Try not to think bad thoughts about those stretch marks. We all have them and they are worth it for the wonder of carrying those babies for this long inside you! I know you are miserable but your body has done great. To carry twins almost 38 weeks is a great accomplishment!

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Yay! Finally! ELVs to you! Can't wait to hear all about their birth!

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I can't remember if she has a birth buddy or how we will know birth updates. Anyone? Anyone?

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Congrats Sheila! Can't wait to hear all about the birth of those LOs. Good luck! We'll be thinking of you.

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No word yet?

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Anxiously waiting!

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She's not on the birth buddy list so we may have to wait...

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booooooo I don't want to wait!