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so, number one, I just saw the name Adalyn. and I think I love that more than Addison. So, I might have to be a flip flopper and choose Adalyn Elizabeth. I dig it.
Also, Anyone else feeling scatter brained? I just do not want to be at work. All I want to do is be home. I can't think of anything else while I'm at work. I got yelled at by my boss pretty bad for it. She offered to lay me off for these months that I'm pregnant and then re hire me later. But I don't know if I want to be a bum at home just because I can't concentrate. Hmm.. :confused:

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I really like Adalyn Biggrin It's tough picking, isn't it?

As for being scatter brained, I am totally the same way. And I just started a new job so I really should focus, get familiar with my assigned projects, and work away! I am finding it hard to even be interested, and I normally love my work. It got a little better last week, but still... I know I need to make a good impression so I will need to pick myself up and focus. At least I am not deadly tired all the time anymore, which made it impossible to focus on anything.

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That is a cute name! Choosing names are so hard. I don't have scatterbrain. I am just so tired I don't want to do anything. Thankfully I work with some awesome people and they totally understand and have been very supportive. They know right now I am not my usual outgoing, let me get that for you self.

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I like that a lot more than Addison (that's becoming too popular for me!). Any boy names yet? I'm not feeling scatterbrained, but I definitely hate being at work now. All I want to do is be at home caring for my kids and my house... I wish I could afford that!

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Adalyn is cute. I like it bc it is unique.

I'm so with ya. I hate work right now! There are a lot of not so great things going on at work too, and my boss is dragging her feet about what she is going to offer me for maternity leave, so that has demotivated me a lot too. But all I want to do is clean my house and work on organizing the baby's room and my guest room, which are a total mess because we are pack rats and have WAY too much stuff! I work from home, so that doesn't help much with the motivation factor, esp. when I see the stuff I want to work on all day right in front of my face. Hoping it gets better! Crazy about what your boss said. Eeek. But I know you aren't alone. My boss was complaining about my co-worker who is a month and a half furhter along than me, and she is acting diva like and privaleged and not working very hard, so I know it is frustrating on both ends. I wouldn't trust her on laying you off andhiring you back. But if you trust her, maybe that would be best.