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Dr. appointment

Hi, I have had a crazy 24 hours. yesterday evening I started feeling funny. Crampy and weird. I ignored it and we DTD before bed (not smart, I know), anyway I woke at 2 am feeling terrible cramps and hip and lower back pain. Of course I was not realizing that it was a scary thing until around 5:30....I woke DH up and he sat with me. My appointment was at 9....I drank my glucose stuff and it was yucky, went to the DR. she checked my cervix by ultrasound and it was closed tight, she said I am very dehydrated. I went back to sit the last 45 min of the blood test. I felt...ok, after sitting for a couple of min I started feeling horrible, then I felt like I was going to blackout. I started walking to the nurses I could see their lips moving and the ringing in my ears was so loud I could not hear, and everything went black. They said it was from the glucose test.....since then I feel horrible, my head hurts and I feel funny. I hope all the water I drank today helps. At least I know my baby is ok. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I am terrified I will have to go back for the 3 hour. Does this mean I have GD?

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Yikes! How scary! I wouldn't say that means you have GD. My guess is that because you were so dehydrated, and then had that super sugary drink with not much else in you, that's probably why you were feeling funny.

I hope you're feeling "normal" soon! Make sure to drink plenty of fluids!

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The glucose drink made me feel horrible last pregnancy too, almost like what you have described. I think in my case I don't eat too many sugary things and all the sugar at once shocked my system. Keep hydrated and I hope you feel better.

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That does sound scary. I'm glad it happened at your OBs office though so they could see it and know what to do. I hope you never go through that again.

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Did they tell you to fast and not drink much before your test or something?? Sounds scary! Hope you are recovering. Drink LOTS of water!

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I fasted a whole 90 min, lol. And Yes, I was cut off from water even though they told me I was dehydrated and needed to drink more. I slept great last night and feel good so far this am. Smile YAY!!!!!

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Good news you are feeling better Joy. How terrifying.

I don't think that it means you have GD.... Make sure you give yourself a good amount of recovery time. That is something I am never good at, but we do need to baby ourselves somewhat b/c of being pregnant.

Hope you have a great w/end & start to feel wonderful.

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I agree with everyone else that it was probably just a combo of your lack of fluids, then drinking that super sugary drink! I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! Hope you are feeling better now!

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I am glad you are feeling better Joy!

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Oh that's so scary - glad you are feeling back to normal and that baby is doing well. I don't know anything about the glucose test, sorry. My doc hasn't even mentioned it. But getting really dehydrated can make me feel pretty crappy so maybe it was the combo of dehydration and lots of sugar.

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So glad you're feeling better...what a scare!