Dr. Appt Update!!

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Dr. Appt Update!!

Hello girls! So I had my first doctor's appt today and it went great! I love my doc so much! I had to have my pap and boob lump check, but I barely noticed because she was just going on and on about the royal wedding today! She's the sweetest thing. She scheduled me for an ultrasound on Tuesday because she wants to see how far along I am (which is new to me, as she never did this with any of my other babies) but I don't mind because I'll get to see my little angel for the first time! So all went well, and I actually felt excited about this pregnancy for the first time today (sorry, this is my fourth and I've honestly just felt overwhelmed since I found out)! I'll update you guys on Tuesday again! Biggrin

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Glad the appointment went well Smile So glad you get to see your little angel on Tuesday.

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Wow Tuesday is SO CLOSE! Sounds like a great appointment!

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Sounds like a good appointment!

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Yay for a good appointment!!

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That is so exciting! Glad to hear everything is going well. I can't wait to see some u/s pics!!

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tuesday is just around the corner!

Cant wait to hear how it goes. Post pics if you get some!

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Good luck Tuesday!! I'm sure once you see your bean the excitement will really start! This pregnancy was a surprise birth control baby so I can relate to feeling overwhelmed. Seeing the babe definitely helped!