Dr thinks it's a....

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Dr thinks it's a....

Little girl!!! I had an appt yesterday and he did a quick u/s. I asked him to check and he got a pretty clear shot between the legs with nothing in between!! I see maternal fetal Monday so I'm sure they'll look again but I'm excited!! I've had a very hard last month. I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and cardiomyopathy and told I should probably terminate the pregnancy as the maternal fatality rate is so high but I've gotten second, third, etc opinions and feel comfortable (yet nervous) to continue the pregnancy.

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Congrats on your (probably) little girl! I'm sorry that you are having to go through scary stuff with your heart. Is this something you've had to deal with pre-pregnancy, or did it start since you got pg? Were you having symptoms? I hope your pregnancy continues to be healthy with no complications! :bigarmhug:

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Rachel that sounds so scary. I'm so glad you got so many additional opinions before making any decisions. I'm also glad that everything seems ok to proceed with the pregnancy.

Congrats on your girl Smile

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Thank you guys!

Kim, I've had some issues since I was diagnosed with Still's Disease in 2000. Mild pulmonary hypertension was found shortly after my son was born in '09 but I wasn't having issues. I just recently started having some breathing issues. I've had PVC's forever as well as tachycardia. My echo in '09 did not show cardiomyopathy. My echo 2 weeks ago showed my ejection fraction went from 70 2 years ago to 40 also showed ph had worsened. We are taking things day by day.

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Wow, that sounds scary! I hope everything goes well for you! Congratulations on your little girl!

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Congrats on your strength, love, and courage! Biggrin Not to mention, congrats on your little girl!

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So happy for you and your new little princess! It's good that you got more than that one opinion... I'm sorry you're going through all of this, but I think you're amazing and selfless for continuing the pregnancy... I bet she was beautiful to see!

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How scary! I hope all goes well for you, and take good care of yourself Smile and big congrats on your little girl!!!! Biggrin

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So sorry to hear that you are experiencing these health issues. I hope all goes well and that you will have a healthy pregnancy from here on out. Congrats on your little girl!

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how scary!! Glad you are taking things day by day and getting lots of opinions! Congrats onthe little girl!

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Krystal is right. What a selfless act you are doing for your baby girl. When she gets old enough to understand what all happened she will be so glad to know that her Mommy truly is a hero. I am hoping the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful and congrats!!

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Congrats on your little girl! Will you keep you and her in my prayers that your pregnancy continues safely.

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Congrats on the little girl! I hope things go well for you for the rest of your pregnancy.

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Wow I hope it is still a girl in just a few weeks. Yay!

I'll keep you in my prayers for a healthy delivery.