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I've read that on your second or more baby, the baby doesn't drop until right before labor or during labor. For those that have BTDT, was this true for you? I know with Nicholas I dropped 2 weeks before I was induced. Right now I can actually feel Emily's head it is still so high (but then again, I'm not even 37 weeks yet).

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When I had my 33 week ultrasound Ryan was extremely low in my pelvis. So low they couldn't even see is face on the ultrasound. So for me this isn't true. Doctor checked me today and he could feel Ryan's head even though I am not dilated. I guess each baby is different.

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I'd say every pregnancy is different. Im not sure if Jesse dropped. Jacob might have as well as Ethan but Eli did not. He finally engaged once my water broke and I was 8 cm.

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Luke was low low low for the last month or so.

Nick isn't low at all. Ive been using evening primrose oil at night. With Luke I literally had to go around his head to get near my cervix. His head was right there! This time though Nick's head isn't in the way at all, its easy to feel, but it is certainly higher than Luke was. I want him to drop!

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This baby has been low the entire time. Her head has been so far down into my pelvis that we still haven't gotten a decent shot of her face. I remember Deacon dropping later in the pg but not sure when.

I think this little girl is going to be super tall. She is all the way at the bottom of my pelvis yet she can still kick me right under my bbs.