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Could I have dropped? Last week the baby was at my ribs...or so it seemed. And now I can put both my hands between the top of my uterus and the bottom of my bra. his kicks are at my belly button level. Do they still go up and down at this point or am I going to be in tons of discomfort for a few weeks?

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Mine have been a lot lower for the past two weeks or so and don't seem to be crawling back up, but I don't know!

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I dropped according to my midwife well over a month ago, so I say that is possible for sure. I know she is down there esp. when she punches my bladder.

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My baby hasn't dropped down but I think out. MW said the baby's head was floating but head down. I don't have breathing/eating/heartburn issues. So that with how big I feel makes me think baby is hanging out and not up. Does that make sense?

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He has been low all along....but now when I put my seat belt on I feel like it is on his head. It is very uncomfortable...I also feel like he is going to fall out when I bend over. Does the Dr. check me at my my 35 week? It seems too early, huh?

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I didn't get checked at 35 weeks but i will get checked next appt. You could ask to be checked.

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I get checked at 35 weeks. I am not looking forward to it either. It's tomorrow, since its my next appt.

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From what I've heard/read, if you're a FTM your baby can drop as early as 35 weeks, but for BTDT moms, baby typically doesn't drop until right before birth, around 38 weeks or later. I know my LO hasn't dropped, and I'm definitely having all of the breathing/HB issues that come with that! But I'm not looking forward to him dropping either, as with that comes the frequent urination and the immense pressure "down there!"

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In my experience, if a baby has dropped at this point, it's not likely they'll float back up again. I know they say that BTDT moms usually don't drop until labour, but I've had the opposite experience. My 1st was engaged by 35 weeks, 2nd by 30 weeks, and this one also by 30-32 weeks. I had a cervix check last week (to see if I'm dilated from these constant contrax - I'm not) and the baby was at about +1 station. Eeek! But I'm convinced it's an anatomy thing too. I'm short. Not much room between ribs and pelvis so I think once the baby gets big enough they're forced to drop down low. And how unfair is this? I have all the low baby AND high baby symptoms. Ridiculous pressure, contrax, etc. from a low head, AND I'm out of breath and have constant heartburn because those feet are right in my ribs and stomach. Awesome.

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I dropped around 35 weeks this time - earlier than with my others. As soon as I walked in to my 36 week appt, the nurse and OB said "Woah! He dropped."

Sorry to say, but if he did drop, get used to that pelvic pain for the next few weeks! Mine hasn't moved back up at all, and it's been a lot of pressure down there for weeks!

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I have extra room but only because Ryan decided to flip and go transverse on me. Even him being sideways I can tell a difference with the extra pressure he is putting on me down there.