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Hope everyone in the East w/in reach of the shaking is okay.

You're all in my thoughts.

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We felt it here...I'm about an hour away from the epicenter. It was scary! I was outside with my kids, and I thought there was a huge truck coming down the driveway. (We are out in the country, so I kept thinking...what is this...a semi?) I swear it lasted a whole minute! I can't imagine feeling a stronger one like in California. The crazy thing was that I heard it AND felt it. I heard a rumbling first, then felt the shaking. I'm glad it's over!

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We felt tremors here in central PA...about 4-5 hours away from the epicenter.

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I have lots of friends out there, but thankfully they are all OK. My friends in Toronto said they felt it too. Crazy to feel it that far away. I mean, it was a good earthquake, but not like northridge or the one in Japan. Guess it was a long fault line!

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I think they are scarier when you hear them. And yes, you can sometimes hear them coming. It's like the earth is angry.

Here in So Cal the big ones usually hit in the middle of the night, we've been extremely lucky for that. Northridge is the largest I can remember, that was back in '94.

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Yay for the EQ! I hope you guys had fun! Biggrin

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We felt it in Ohio. Not sure how far that is from where in actually hit in VA.

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Oh and I hope those of you who felt it all filled out the USGS Did You Feel It survey!!
click the Did You Feel It? link or go here...

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Agreed... I hope everyone is Ok...