eating all the time!!!

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eating all the time!!!

I can't believe how much my eating has changed in the last few weeks! I'm eating constantly! This morning I had a Greek yogurt, an hour later I had turkey and a cheese stick, an hour after that I had 2 Quaker granola bars... And I am wondering how I will make it till lunch because I am still hungry. It's crazy! I have a hair appt this afternoon I have a haircut... And its right next to Coldstone so I get ice cream for dinner!

I eat everything!!

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I could snack eat all day, but when it comes to suppertime- I am not that hungry in the evenings. I usually have oatmeal in the morning as its more filling- but that only helps for a few hrs lol

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OMG, me too!!!! I had a dream last night that the Dr. told me it was my bodies way of preparing for labor by building up energy and vitamins, etc. I'm gonna go with that! I'm just trying not to eat holiday JUNK! Almost impossible this time of year!

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I am the opposite. I don't have much of an appetite. And I can only eat very small amount of things at once because if I eat too much then I get sick to my stomach and/or heartburn.

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Yep, this is me too, but like Jessicah, I have to eat small bits at a time. I think that's why I am eating constantly...because I can't eat much at once. But, at least I am only up about 20 pounds for the whole pregnancy. Can't complain about that.

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I didn't stop eating at the end either, Carolyn! I was gaining more than a pound a day and would eat full on meals twice during the night.

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I have days like that too. My lunch usually is baby carrots & hummus, cheese, crackers, a mini pepperoni, mandarin orange, and a handful of almonds. Then brownies or cookies lol Wink but I can't eat a lot at once, especially if it's heavy food. DH ordered pizza last night and just a couple pieces left me feeling sick all night Sad

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Ever since Thanksgiving I have been SO HUNGRY all the time! Enjoy your foods, at least you are making healthy choices Smile

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Last week I was only up 20 pounds. I gained 35 with Luke! But I feel like 12 of that was in the last two weeks. Man I hope this baby gets here soon for more reason than one!

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I have no appetite except if it has something to ro with ice cream and candy ROFL

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Haha, that probably won't change much. I find I am even hungrier when I'm breastfeeding! Smile