Elaina Rose is here!!

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Elaina Rose is here!!

Elaina Rose is here! Born on Sunday, December 11th at 10:10pm weighing 8lbs 5oz and 19" long. She came out bright eyed with just a bit of blondish hair (and after all that heartburn too...) and went skin to skin with me within minutes and latched on to feed (both sides!) shortly after.

Labour was long, hard, and there were some complications. A horrific reaction to some pain medications caused some pretty traumatic stuff to happen to me, and I'm still working through a lot of it internally, so will write a birth story later. But I will say it was 30 hours long (not counting easy "early early" labour where contractions don't hurt that much!), and I'm left with complex tears inside and out plus an episiotomy, and after losing a lot of blood I'm severely anemic too...all of this means I was in hospital until late Thursday and I am still bedridden (which is why I haven't been around, so hard to get on here from my phone!!)

Elaina is perfect though and tolerated the epic labour without any problems. Heart rate was 140 the whole time, never dropped Smile she is a breastfeeding champion, I have tons of milk, and she sleeps so well. She's incredibly expressive and alert for being so young, too! I am so much in love, and so is DH. And the difficult labour brought us closer together as a couple. We've found new love and new trust within each other, and it's the most amazing gift. We are so blessed!

I will go see how I can upload pictures through my iPad now and will edit this post soon!!! I missed reading up on everything here and can't wait to catch up and hear about everyone's new babies Smile

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Hilary, I'm sorry so many bad things happened during your labor. I'm glad to know you and dh had something good come out of it and you are on the mend. I'm eager to see pictures of your little blessing.

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Big hugs Hilary! I'm sorry things were so difficult. Im glad you have such a supportive DH to help you through. Elaina sounds perfect! I hope you feel a little better every day.

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First off congratulations on your little one!! I am very sorry to hear how rough your labour was! But your attitude is so great making the best of it and glad to hear it brought you and DH closer together.

ETA: I too ended up with an episiotomy and internal tearing. It made things more difficult getting used to life with a newborn, but we made it one of DH's jobs to make sure I was always on top of my painkillers and had lots of ice packs/sits bath/peri bottles and that helped. For me it started to hurt a little more on about day 5 as the swelling went down, but today on day 12 I am feeling way better and almost no pain left. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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Congratulations to you and your family!! I hope that you continue to heal and I am sorry the birth was such a traumatic experience for you. Keep us updated as you can Smile

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Sorry it was so hard. But thank God Elaina had no problems!!!! Congrats again. Rest up, you will be chasing her around in a heartbeat.

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I'm so sorry you went through a crazy ordeal during your labor, but I'm so glad your sweet baby girl came out unscathed! Can't wait to read your birth story! Congrats to you and your family again!