Emily's 3 week check-up

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Emily's 3 week check-up

Emily (and Nicholas) went in for their well child check-ups today. Emily has officially PASSED her birthweight!!! She was 7lbs 4oz (born at 6lbs 14oz) and gained 10oz in 8 days. Yay mommy milk!! Everything else checked out good. I had the dr. listen to her lungs to make sure her cold isn't turning into anything more and the dr. said the congestion is all in her nose right now. She is getting better so hopefully we are on the road to a sickness free household. The dr. said we don't need to go back until her 2 month checkup! yay!!!!

Nicholas at 2.5 yrs old was 35lbs and 37'' tall...my tall boy!

I also went to the OB yesterday and got an increase in dosage for my zoloft for PPD. Hopefully the increase will help me feel a little better.

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Awesome weight gain, way to go!! Sounds like a great appointment. I really hope the increased zoloft will do the trick for you Smile

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Glad things are going well with your growing kids! Sorry you have PPD! I get super annoyed at the kids on some days... mostly when the little one won't nap and big one won't give me a break. Being a mommy is so hard bc it is 24/7! Hope you feel better soon.

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Yay for healthy kiddos!! I'm glad you're being proactive with the PPD. Most people think they can just put it to the side and get over it.

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Yay for a great check-up Angela! Way to grow baby Emily! Trystan also got snotty around 3 weeks old, I think it's just a newborn thing lol! I hope she gets to feeling better soon, and I hope that your Rx makes you feel better, too!

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Yay for two great checkups! I hope you are able to feel better now too Smile