empty tummy and other ramblings

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empty tummy and other ramblings

I know we've all talked about nausea and cravings a ton on here already, but does anyone just have an empty tummy feeling all the time? That's what I am experiencing. My stomach feels empty like I haven't eaten in days. It feels ok for about 30 seconds while I am eating something and then as soon as I am done eating, it feels empty again. It's so frustrating.

I'm starting to feel really run down and discouraged from feeling this way 24/7 and it's making me wonder why in the world I ever wanted to get pregnant and how I could possibly ever want to do it again. Fortunately, I was reading a pregnancy day-by-day book at work and it said that it's normal to have these feelings at this stage of pregnancy. Whew! because I was really starting to feel guilty about having these thoughts. I guess it's a good thing I don't get sick very often because I am discovering that I am a big baby when it comes to being sick. And I so wanted to be one of those women who *LOVES* being pregnant. Maybe it will come to me. Thanks for listening to me vent. Smile

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For me, I didn't enjoy pregnancy much with Nicholas. Although I have forgotten a lot in only 2 years, it all seems to be coming back to me now. It does suck this first tri because you feel aweful, tired, etc. The second tri gets TONS better and being able to feel the baby moving really helped me get through the rough 9+months.

I say this everytime when people ask about my pg with Nicholas. It was ALL so worth it, without a doubt!!!!!! Once you have your child in your arms, all of the pain, complaining, crappiness of pregnancy goes out the window. Thank goodness pregnancy is temporary.

I'm going to try and enjoy this one a little more because it will most likely be my last.

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You won't always feel this way. Like Angela said, the first trimester is the worst, and then once you get into your fouth month and really start to show and feel the baby move it's incredible! This is my fourth and I found that it takes a toll on your body with each baby (with my last, I couldn't walk for more than 15 or 20 minutes without feeling like she was going to fall out!). Just sit back, relax, and wait... I promise it's all worth it!

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Oh man, it better be worth it! I was on the verge of abortion earlier in the week, I was feeling like such crap. I might have to take a sick day tomorrow. Barfing at work is definitely not cool. And then at the end of the day I was so thankful that the week was over -- only to realize it's just Thursday. Sad I have a big bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of me now. My first really bad food. That should make everything all better ... right??

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I keep trying to remind myself that I will be feeling better soon.

triplespiral~I am about to enjoy some ice cream myself. Smile

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Yes, it definitely gets better. My first pregnancy I was so sick until 22 weeks. I would throw up anywhere from 3-5 times a day, it was awful. Some days I couldn't even get out of bed I was so miserable. And somehow, you forget all about those feelings, and want another baby. Smile So far, I'm feeling pretty good. I've thrown up a million times, but I seem to be getting past that stage now. I'm surprised I'm feeling this good, and also a little worried about it!

Try sucking on some hard candy between eating, it seems to help me a little bit. I've been sucking on lots of Cream Savers.

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I have the same feelings too. I'm SOO hungry all the time. But, I do have to say, it is way better than the sickness I had with my first. I lost 7 pounds in 1 month from being so sick all the time and not able to eat anything! I felt really great from month 4 - 7, so I'm sure you will start enjoying it more later. Some people just LOVE being pregnant, but I am really not one of those either. It's ok! I LOVE being a mom Wink

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I know what you mean. I get that empty stomach feeling all the time, even to the point where my stomach will rumble, but it's not like I am hungry, kwim? It's more like a sick feeling to me.
In my experience, the first tri (with its sickness/fatigue) really takes a toll on a preg. lady. We have endured it for enough weeks now to where it is taking a real mental, as well as physical, toll on us. I have moments where I wonder, "what was I thinking, getting pregnant? This is miserable!" But like everyone said, this too shall pass, and you will forget about it, amazingly. Hang in there girl!!


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I was a mess my first preg. I hated it so much. I can't believe after 2 years I want to have another. But this time around I really am not feeling much. thankfully. And like everyone said, once you have that baby in your arms you really don't think about anything besides how beautiful and wonderful that baby is. It's temporary physically and mentally. Don't worry!

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I'm not loving being pregnant right now. I cant wait for the next trimester. This sucks. I'm tired all the time, sick to my stomach yet hungry all the time. no motivation/eneregy to do anything.

I dont feel empty right after eating but it usually comes back 1-2 hrs after i eat. I feel like i am forcing myself to eat all freaking day! Luckily it isnt effecting my weight. On my scale i have only gained 1 lb since before the BFP.