Evelyn's Birth Story (and Pictures)

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Evelyn's Birth Story (and Pictures)

Here is a link to my blog where you can read Evelyn's birth story. It also occurred to me that I don't think I posted any pictures here. I have put plenty on facebook, but I think I neglected to put any here, so there are pics included in the blog post.


P.S. If anyone else wants to join our December facebook group, PM me and I will tell you how to find us Smile The group is private and nobody can see the posts except for us.

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She is a doll, Carrie!! So alert! I would like to join the FB group I think- I will PM you.

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Thank u for sharing your story. Wink it's amazing at what our bodies will do. Adorable lil girl u have there Wink

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She's gorgeous! What an incredible birth story too, thanks for sharing.

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Great birth story Carrie!! She's too sweet... looks like her daddy!