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I'm such a liar ... I thought I wouldn't do any sort of FB announcement, but I did! I was deactivated since I found out I was pregnant and now it seems I'm one of a bazillion people to have announced their pregnancy recently! My close friends all know I'm pregnant but it was pretty silly to get to announce that there are TWO babies!!

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"Like!" Blum 3

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Cool! I bet that was pretty neat to announce twins. I haven't said anything on FB yet, not sure if I will or not...I'm really not that active on there anyway and for some reason I feel like I can't go back and undo that if something happens, kwim? I am still really paranoid that I will jinx myself by making a big announcement. Just me and my inner demons Smile :rolleyes:

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I am one of the facebook addicts, so I announced after the first Ob appointment. It must be so fun to tell everyone you're having double of them, let alone just one if they didn't know! haha.

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"midori_" wrote:

"Like!" Blum 3

x 2!

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That sounds like fun still!