Feelin' like a cow!

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Feelin' like a cow!

Anyone else suddenly hit with the weight and feeling huge this week? People are starting to come up to me now saying things like "congrats" and all that fun stuff. I guess I am just now starting to show people the difference between "is she fat or having another baby?" ROFL

so, please post your belly pics as well Smile

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You look great!! It sure looks like a pregnancy belly to me-
I put on 1lb a week until about 16 w now it is slowing down, so for awhile i was a little worried, but I know its the baby belly growing and now I hear comments from everyone too.
Here's one I took on wed.

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I'm 5 weeks behind you and about the same size if not the same:


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Here's me earlier this week. 18wks... I am bringing up the rear.....and adding to mine as well Biggrin lol

You can click on it to enlarge it to ginormous size.

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Yep, I'm definitely feeling huge. I'll have to get another pic for you guys next week. I feel certain my new hugeness will be obvious!

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LMAO you're funny Krista! I posted my belly pic on my own thread since I finally figured out how to do it lol... and now that I'm at work I can't do it from here! I'm definitely feeling huge for sure... I hadn't gained ANY weight until my last appt where I was up 12 flipping pounds!!

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"Carolyn85" wrote:

Shankay: you look awesome.... i dont know where you're hiding 16 pounds!

Thanks Smile
The weight generally goes boobs, Belly and a bit butt and hips for me- I couldn't believe it when I went to my appt around 16 w and I had gained 16lbs, but at the last appt it was 16.9lb at 18 weeks. I generally have gained about 40lbs with my other pregnancies.

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me too!! I'm feeling quite large these days!

BTW, you ladies look fabulous!

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Mooooooo. I'm a total cow. I am with ya!

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Oh yeah, I'm definitely feeling gargantuan now. I'll need to get another pic for you guys soon. I think the "you're so tiny for twins" days are OOOOOOOVER!

22 weeks: