Feeling overwhelmed

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Feeling overwhelmed

This probably will sound ridiculous, I know. What's really bugging me is getting the baby room done soon. We are using our biggest spare room, which is our guest room/storage room right now. And heres something REALLY embarrassing : we haven't put our Christmas decor up in the attic yet, they are taking up half the room. Other than that, what's left in the room is a queen size bed, an old tv and tv stand that was DH's and my old tv stand from college. Basically everything has to go (to storage, trash, etc), and I can't move all that heavy stuff. I've been telling DH that him and his best friend need to take a day and move all of it but I happen to be married to the biggest procrastinator in the world, and he's been dragging his feet. Now we are a week away from finding out the gender and I'm ready to get things started on the room! Grr...

The reason I want to get as much painting/decorating done as I can (im doing Dr. Seuss so im painting quotes and book characters on the walls) in the baby room in the month of July and early August is because I have to go back to work on August 15th, and once kindergarten starts I will be exhausted. I am really lucky to have July off and have time to do it, I just want to make the most of the time I have, since I planning on doing a lot of painting, and its not going to be just a one day project.

Just had to get that off my chest. Im sure it will all work out but im kinda high strung and stuff like this stresses me out, haha. Thanks for letting me vent.

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This is SOOOO me, except the baby's room was the old guest room and the new guest room was my old office, so now my desk is in teh TV room and we have moved the bed and dresser to the old office, but the baby's room is a total disaster. We have move quite a few things to the garage to go to donation or trash, but there is a lot more to do. And I have a TON of baby clothes to go through so I would like to know the gender so I know what to keep or get rid of. It's a nightmare in there and my husband is working 53 hours a week, so he doesn't have much time. I am so very overwhelmed too!

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I know how you feel. I am also a teacher and do the same thing trying to get so much done in the summer bc once school starts you are to busy to do much else.

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I know how you feel. When we had my DS I wanted to get started on the baby room but we had a roommate in our extra room. Baby was due April 6th but the roommate didnt move out until the end of February. I was LOSING it.

I hope you can get started soon!

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Ok 1st - not even possible that YOU are married to the biggest procrastinator ever - because I am.

2nd - I'm sorry. I know how it feels to want to get stuff done but you can't - like moving the heavy stuff. I want to get both of the kids' room set up but I can't until we build out a wall in our dining room to close it in. Then we can move around some rooms and get stuff going. However, that won't be until Sept at the earliest. UGH!

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Break it up into manageable tasks. Say, "After dinner, can you help me move five Christmas things up to the attic?" And the next day, say, "After dinner, can you help me move the bed out?" And so on.

Either you'll eventually get all the major stuff moved over time, or he'll get tired of dragging out the project and will dedicate an afternoon to getting it all over with. Smile Good luck!

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Or you could tell him you have been looking into hiring a company to come help you organize the room and get it cleared out and you want to know how you guys are going to pay for it - LOL.

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Sorry you're stressing so much! But, I love the Dr. Suess room idea!

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That isn't ridiculous at all! I know how you feel, our spare room is an absolute MESS. Old furniture, papers, junk....I don't even know where to begin. I want to get on it ASAP too! Hopefully your DH will come around soon!

And I love the Dr. Seuss idea, post lots of pictures!! Smile

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Wow! Thanks for all the encouragement! Really, the whole room could be cleaned out in about an hour, DH just needs to DO it. I know it's 100 degrees outside and all that but still...I'm a woman that has deadlines! Haha.

I'm not exactly the most motivated person these days either. Like today after I got home from my summer school job I sat on the couch, watched tv, and fell asleep. I can't help it! Growing a human is hard work! I never used to be a napper, but now I could nap every day!

And I will definitely be posting pictures...I borrowed an overhead projector from school and I printed out the pictures today that I'm using....I think it will turn out nice...IF we ever get started! :eek:

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Definitely know how you feel. Hubbies (for the most part) do NOT understand the sense of urgency we feel about these things. Esp. being a teacher you feel added pressure to get this done during the summer. I know what you mean, though, I feel like a total slug with the weather being so stinking hot. But I like Midori's idea of breaking it up into small tasks. Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

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Ugh, that stinks! Maybe you can offer him rewards? LOL

Do you have somewhere else you can put the Christmas stuff for now? Think you're going to want to drag it out again in December or would you skip that this year?

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"AshnBill" wrote:

Ugh, that stinks! Maybe you can offer him rewards? LOL

Do you have somewhere else you can put the Christmas stuff for now? Think you're going to want to drag it out again in December or would you skip that this year?

HAHA. I always tell him I'm going to start a sticker chart with him like I do with my Kindergarteners. And when he's not listening to me I tell him to "turn his ears on". He gets so mad.

And, there's not really anywhere else we can put the decorations right now. Our other spare room is our office/media room/man cave and it's not that big. We have A LOT of Christmas decor (it's the only holiday I really decorate for). Since the baby is due in December, I will probably only put some of it out this year, depending on how I feel.

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