Feeling poopy

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Feeling poopy

I slept the whole day yesterday. I had not strength. I contracted all night. It woke me up. I called the Dr. this am. She said that I need to rest and drink more water. Call her if it gets worse or persists. Sad I am bored, and tired and so are my kids. Pray this "rest" makes it better so I can busy the kids later.

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Ugh, sorry to hear it. Doing absolutely nothing is definitely slowing down the contractions for me. If I were you I'd count on other people or even the TV to keep the kiddos entertained for the time being; contractions really suck.

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I am still new to Dec. I'm a straddler.

I can't believe you are both already having contractions. Oy vey.

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Oh no! Hope you start feeling better soon.

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Hope you are feeling better soon. I know what you mean about feeling frustrated about not being able to do stuff with your kids. I had all kinds of fun stuff planned for the summer, but then I started having problems with the pregnancy and now we're lucky if we make it to the park a couple of times a week. But just remember that after we have our babies we can get back to being active again.

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Yikes, how scary! Please take it easy!

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Aww I hope you feel better and the contractions slow down/stop. It's too ealry for this! Sad

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Hey all. I am feeling great today. So I am going to continue to rest...but the beach is calling my name! So hard to resist. Sad

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Glad you are feeling better? How long do you have to keep it low key before you can try to increase your activity level again?

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Man, I really feel awful again. I am not having contrax but my stomach hurts and all my muscles hurt. I feel like I just need to lay in bed all day.

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That sucks! I don't get contractions but I have been getting the muscle aches from day 1, getting worse in the last few weeks. It got better when I started taking more iron. Have your levels got checked? Do you think you caught a cold or flu?

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I hope you feel better soon Joy!! I hate seeing you not feeling well. We are supposed to be able to enjoy pregnancy not have 9 months of yuckiness! Maybe talk to the doctor about it and see if they can give you any answers. Hopefully you don't have some sort of infection going on.

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Sure hope you're feeling better!!