Fertility Facts

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Fertility Facts

Just ran into this article and thought it was crazy that 1 in 2 eggs in women 35 years of age have abnormalities! That is so crazy!

Read on if you are interested:

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Very interesting. Glad we have some healthy 27 yr old embryos in the freezer for our next round of TTC. Wink

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That makes sense, considering that our eggs are in us from birth, so 35 year old eggs are of course going to have problems. This also explains why most babies with downs are born to mothers who are over the age of 35, and also why OBs sometimes classify pregnancies in women over that age as high risk.

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I've also started seeing articles that say that the sperm in older men may also cause some abnormalities....

These aren't that recent, but I'm at work & can't access everything =/



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Ehn...I'm 36 so take it for what it's worth but I don't particularly buy that EVERY woman over 35 has 1 in 2 eggs with abnormalities. Yes, they do age, but young women are likely to have children with abnormalities, too. And women are all different so what is for one of us, isn't for the other.

The article reads: Some experts estimate right...some...estimate...so without any research or numbers to back it up they just throw verbiage out there and cause a scare.

Yes, eggs age, but I don't think it's any reason for an older mom to be afraid of TTC or having a healthy baby. Nor is it reason for a young mom to think she's in the clear because she's not the 'golden age' they speak of.

As for the rest of the article...I'm going to say that I am not sure I agree with most of the points, either. Because again, going off generalities, sure, it's great but what works for one, won't work for another. But again, I'm an oldie with old eggs so what do I know. Wink

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I agree, Christina "some experts estimate" doesn't make it sound like it's really a cold hard fact to me either. I'm blessed to have found my husband while we were both young and we both come from a very family-centered background, so we didn't want to wait very long before having kids. If we decided to, we could easily have 6 or 7 kids before I am 35.