Fetal Breathing

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Fetal Breathing

So I had an appointment today and first off -- I know this is like the opposite of everyone, ever -- I'm super excited that my next appointment is canceled! My cervix is perfect, doc says I'm not having these babies any time soon, and there's no need to check on me next week. I go back in two weeks. Yay! So I have already had a dozen ultrasounds and a bunch of monitoring and I never had the same excitement I hear from so many of you over the heartbeat or anything ... but today was different. I got to see them practicing breathing! Wow, they're practically ready to start living in the real world. Really cool!

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Yay for healthy twins!!!!! Glad things are going so well for you!

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Oh I am so happy for you!! I'm so glad the babies are doing well and staying put!

I wish I could see the practice breathing....that sounds amazing!

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Yay great news! I agree seeing them breathe on u/s is so cool!

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Way to go mommy! You are doing a great job on bedrest baking those babies!!!!!

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Lol you're not the only one who doesn't like going to your appts! Since I'm a BTDT many times over, the appts are so routine to me and I don't find there's anything to really get excited about. I know, I know... shame on me... I love hearing his HB and knowing that he's OK, but honestly, I'd rather not have to get up early and save my $20! Glad your babies are going great though!